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  1. This is a great server, friendly mods, admins and owners. Great players and no major trolling.
  2. bluecmb came to us a bit later and did the same thing, using the lightning ring and then I'm pretty sure he stole from someones death chest! alehon209 then banned OMF Jesus, a player in our town for complaining about blue killing us and alehon not doing anything. alehon THEN banned sigmonstar117 for complaining about OMF being banned, not blue and threatened to ban us all if we said he was a bad mod again
  3. Can you please demote alehon209? They are a mod who kept on trying to kill me, and succeeded in killing a few other players even though we were inside my town, where I'd disabled PVP. alehon was using Swiftwolf's Rendering Gale to set us on fire and use lightning on us, they are obviously a very bad moderator because I was the only person to have armour, the others didn't and they died a few times.
  4. Vx_Bored_xV


    First of all I never said ranma500 stolen anything. Secondly, I've had everything from my base stolen despite it all being claimed and having a forcefield around it, can you please use logblock or something to ban whoever stole all my stuff?
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    use a golden shovel
  6. The home and warp commands don't work, just /t spawn Also you can only destroy blocks in your own town, you can't destroy stuff in the wilderness
  7. Can an admin or someone please do some command to see where my claim is? I was typing /sethome just as a tpa request got accepted and I accidently set my new home in the person's house, not mine. I have no idea where my place is and I would seriously like to know
  8. did I get banned from the server? for the past 7 or so hours it says "Failed to connect to the server Connection refused: connect"