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  1. I Take offence to this, however your the one who obviously cant read, because you would of noticed i said "i cannot read code" that does not mean i cant read and as for permissionex it is not a simple pluging because you have to code.
  2. Hello, ive recently became over of 50 slot tekkit server. basicly i got alot of protection plugins and there all working nicely, the problem is that permissionsex, put it simply i dont code, and im dyslexic so looking at its clusterfudge of textcode im going nowhere very fast. All i want to is stop the use of redmatter armor and the gem armor and nukes(currently nukes have been nerfed on my server, but i rather have them gone). aslong as they cant equip the armor id be happy. So any help on this (red) matter would be appreciated. Thanks
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