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  1. Feel free to join dude Also feel free to join The server is based in the north east of England.
  2. Yeah The mob grinder spits drops out of the back, you could probably use cobble or stone.
  3. As long as you can get mobs in front of a mob grinder it will work. You feed them eu and liquid exp.
  4. Read the guide here dude http://chopnix.info/EsIpb/topic/771-tekkit-lite-updatev06-use-with-tekkit-lite-057/#entry1502
  5. Hey tekkit-craftians everywhere, Thankyou for taking the time out to read my thread about a server called Chopnix. A little about the hardware the server is running on. Online: 24/7 10 gb ram Also I am keeping the server at 20 slots it runs real nice like that. The server is currently not whitelisted and has a very small banned item list(look to the bottom of the thread). As always we are looking for players of all age groups and experience levels to come and play on out server. The only players that will be turned away are rule breakers and griefers. We do have a modpack and you can find any link and updates about it here. We also have a forum to help you keep up to date with changes and any news about the server. WorldBorder MinecraftBot Groupmanager Minequery Worldedit Iconomy NBTEdit Permissions VirtualPlayers Vault MobBountyReloaded LWC TrophyHeads Worldguard DeathMsg ProtectionStones Essentials Plugins Dkabotshop Coreprotect 1. Griefing is an instant ban. 2. Respect all players. 3. No spamming the chat. 4. Respect the buildings of others. 5. Any attempts to drive out members from our server will not be treated lightly. 6. Do Not misuse the protection system. 7. Do not steal. 8. Falsely claiming to be part of staff, and/or impersonating a staff member will result in a permanent ban. 9. Do not exploit the server/plugins. If you find a plugin exploit, you are expected to report it immediately. If you take advantage of that exploit, you will be permanently banned. 10. Do not play with multiple accounts/names. 11. If Staff suspects the use of x-ray to obtain items by a member, or other means of cheating, the Staff has the right to empty that member's chest and/or inventory. 12. Do not share items if you are creative. Violation of this rule will result in a ban. 13. No Surface mining. 14. Administrators/Owners may remove a players rank without disclosing the reason. 15. Foul language will not be tolerated this is a family server. 16. No Trolling (at all) 17. The Owners/Admins word is final. Agebook Nuke iTnT And now some random pics from the server. Spawn has been imported from a schematic. Credis are given to ModernPrestige over at planet minecraft.
  6. This makes for a very nice read http://wiki.pluspluspack.com/index.php/Copyright

  7. There is something like this over on the computercraft forums. I have not tried it so do not know how safe/exploitable ect it is, But its a very nice idea.
  8. Use notepad++ and open all of the plugins/Essentials/userdata/ files eg. mine would be "nixsy.yml" with all of your userdata files open in notepad++ go to 'search' then 'replace'. In the search box look for '0' Make sure to include the ' and replace with Overworld Notepad++ has a feature to "Replace all in all opened documents" use this. close and save each userdata file (this may take a while if you have quite a few) This should fix /home for players. Do the same for plugins/Essentials/warps/ This worked for me.
  9. Stop your server, Delete the contents of the lib folder then try starting the server again. If that fails, rename your world folder to something else then see if it will start with a newly generate world.
  10. I am pretty sure that is a crash report, Not a log. could be wrong but that is what it looks like it is.
  11. Place a boat near the forcefield and then get into it. Ask a friend to push you through the forcefield.
  12. Do /gamerule mobGriefing false it will stop endermen creepers ect destroying blocks.
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