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  1. back to topic, don't know if someone sorted it out, but you can use metadata in permissions. On our server, we block certain items which have metadata with modifyworld. just use - -modifyworld.use.itemid:metadata.* and they can't use that item on anything...if you want them to be blocked from making it, use a recipeblocker and add it to it. **note** if you have crafting table II enabled, they will still be able to craft banned recipes, and use a duplicating glitch. (we have those disabled aswell)
  2. Re: Sever start up have you tried looking here yet? http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,2805.0.html
  3. when you want permissions made, you need to include what plugins you're using that way permissions can be made for those plugins, since that's where most permissions come from. if you post a list, i'll post a perm file for pex you can use, since it's easy for me to set up
  4. as a server admin/owner, if you're using modify world, and want to stop griefing from an item, using modifyworld works, easiest syntax to use is - -modifyworld.item.use.(item id).* you don't have to put anything beyond that since it'll cover everything. We allow people to use their rm/dm tools but if someone griefs, we remove the ability for a day or so. You can use that for dr. phil's stone also, and it's still usable in the crafting table. It doesn't block the recipes from being made, but we use a recipe blocker for that. And if you use that method, don't allow the use of crafting table II b
  5. Just wondering, since every server i've been to so far seems this way. What are you guys doing to help out the new people? I've been to every server in the list and every dungeon/tower has been cleaned out within 2000 blocks from spawn. That means no chest loot. Only good drops you get are from random spawn mobs, which are few and far between, depending on server settings. Don't get me wrong, it looks great for a multiplayer setup, but unless you join when the map just comes out, you're left behind with no way of catching up.
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