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  1. Classy Gaming is proud to be launching a new modpack with a brand new server to feed the hunger for those PvP enthusiasts. Introducing: Warzone takes the concepts from Tekkit; a tech oriented modpack and Voltz; a combat oriented modpack and combined them into Warzone. Furthermore we added more mods that we believe enhance both the tech and PVP aspect of the modpack. WarZone is a modpack created for all you tech and warfare enthusiasts, and for those who loved Tekkit and Voltz. We went back to the roots, and created a pack that we know you will love. Download WarZone (Click
  2. Drop party at 30 players, 50 players and a giveaway of our top donor rank (Worth $150) at 50 players. (Will update this comment for new EVENTS)
  3. We have a new Event, where you play for 1 Week time and you will get 1 month of VIP+ Donor Rank!
  4. IP: play.ihexxit.com Website: Coming SOON About us iHexxit is made by the team who made iCraft Tekkit, iDream Tekkit, and iDream Voltz, and we are entering the Hexxit Field, we are creating a true experience on how Hexxit should be played. We are a new server with endless possibilities Server rules Respect all other Players and Staff Do not attempt to use the one banned item Do not ask for Op or Staff Positions No Harassment, No Racism or Sexism No Hacking, Exploiting or Glitching No 1x1 Towers No Spamming No Advertising No Profanity We ha
  5. As I have said in the Past, iDream Voltz was bought out by Jac Gaming, but iDream Voltz could come back if there is a demand by our team. but it would be called something else because iDream Voltz was bought out my Jac Gaming. IF you have any problems please contact Jac Gaming staff, I will post back if We decide to come back,
  6. To Confirm some speculations I have seen in the comments iDream Server network has been bought by JAC Gaming. We are not involved in the server at all unless JAC Gaming has kept some staff from iDream. ** iDream Voltz Is still up but under JAC Gaming ** * Will edit this post if there is any updates regarding iDream Voltz from JAC Gaming *
  7. ^ Server was down because a Explosion [multi explosions] caused by a group of people.
  8. - New Spawn is takin us awhile to get up, we are taking advantage of the new teleporters in Voltz :)
  9. Server IS UP, and also Loki please re download the technic launcher and select latest version and clear CACHE then login. It should work then. Also WE GOT FACTIONS
  10. iDream Voltz - Staff Meeting - If you guys think we should discuss something today, please PM or reply here.
  11. Lol I appreciate you lovin our server, , I'll place a sign to inform users about the devs and list their names ,
  12. Also Server received a bug from "Power Armor", some player placed it in the wrong side to charge -.-, thinking of banning power Armor, leave replies thinking shud we? or not, also server will start up soon, we are finding the chunk and then destroying the thing charging it.
  13. We don't tell our players to go and advertise on other servers, but I will tell everyone not to do it, if they do go on your server , PM me their usernames.
  14. Also just an update WE did complete our UPDATE to 1270v2 which helped block lag alot, Plus the rest of the LAG is from the Mod pack "Voltz" and the Voltz Devs are working on . So yay! Also Bumped slots to 75! Were full majority of the day at that slot limit with 25 more ppl trying to connect!
  15. the IP voltz.idreamservers.com WILL become active SOON but if u want to get On now use this IP -
  16. ** We are DOING A Server UPGRADE ** ** Upgrading from 1240v2 to 1270v2 ** ------------------------------------------------- WILL POST WHEN FINISHED.
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