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  1. Anyone looking for a CC Programmer, I am up hire if you do. IGN mivrsnd123. I can provide many services, one of which is a door locking program
  2. having some problems with thsi why did your brother know your password in the first place? and why did you allow him to get on? seems kinda weird to me and i am realy disturbed with this. Ion there is a over flow error on the sever need help asap also getting this message 17:40:08 CONSOLE: [sEVERE] Could not pass event InventoryClickEvent to CoreProtect
  3. Ion vash could you give me the abitlity to restart the sever lag is realy killing us.
  4. Ion we also need a rule that prohibits cursing. We should look for a plugin filter
  5. Ion on the new sever peopela re loosing things when they die please resolve thsi
  6. Happy 2013 all and hope you all had a very merry holiday no matter your religion. LOL. All the sever has restarted and Ion please tell me you could transfer my floppy disk.
  7. thank you ion but i meant a seperate project for the city and have a happy new year and holidays also happpy holidays and none world ending day 12:42 12/22/12 here and im still alive suck that conspirators get me if you can
  8. ion Also please copy my floppy over from this ever name is MainDiskA1
  9. Ion do not realise the new sever till all the ops agree project this to eb the first of the year cuz imma build a huge town
  10. Ion i personaly think we should restart the sever today ro tommorow so none becomes too atached we will loose some people but well loose less if we restart now
  11. ok all is ok between us and i think he should be promoted sorry a misunderstanding. hios name si mivrsndcool
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