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  1. That's exactly how I had it set up before, the crafting pipe can't pull out R.iron fast enough to meet the demand for the autocrating table. In this case I was making 64 solar panels. The electronic circuit table was shorted r.iron, that's where the hold up was.
  2. Sorry its so late in getting back to you. Here are some pictures. This is where my material comes in to my place. From there it goes to the macerators if its an ore. And then to the furances. From there it goes downstairs to the storage area. Now to add what I said earlier, the reason it couldn't keep up is because I had a crafting pipe on the furnace to make R.Iron. Thus it couldn't pull out fast enough. I have since changed it to an mk2 chassis with item sink and extractor. This is now set up to receive iron ingots to turn into R.iron. I have an entire ch
  3. I am using a request pipe, and although the make on demand seems nice, today it didn't work all that well. I had requested 64 solar panels to make a mv array, it ran out of R.iron and needed to cook some more, I had 39 solar panels already, but once the r.iron started to come from the furnace, it just went to the chest. I had to manually put the r.iron in the circuit auto crafting table, then it took off again, that's why the need for so much r.iron in reserves. It seems making on the fly just won't cut it. Btw the furnace had 10 over clockers in it, but only a crafting pipe attached instead o
  4. Awe man your going all out thanks, I wish I was at home to show you a picture of the setup. But here it goes. What I'd like is to have the incoming iron ore from the quarry somehow split up into two different directions. One for regular iron, and one for refined (I'm guessing you know that already, I'm just saying it for the sake of saying it) I'm guessing a ration of 3:1 iron:r.iron. We use to be able to do this with one of the buildcraft pipes (cant remember which one) but I'd like to do it with logistics. I could do two networks, the problem is I think I have OCD and like stuff in order.
  5. No that's just the work around, I'd like to know how to process iron and refined iron as it comes in from the quarry using logistic pipes.
  6. I'm redoing my storage and processing area. I used to just make refined iron allat one time. I'd take 10 stacks of iron, and place them in induction furnaces when I'm not running the quarry. I'd do this until I had about 30 stacks or so. Now I'm looking for a way to automate this. Like the tittle says, I'm using logistic pipes exclusively. Currently I have a dedicated chest for R.Iron, that chest has a mk2 chassis pipe with a polymorphic and provider modules. There's also a supplier pipe, that right now is set to keep 9 stacks of R.Iron in the chest, although this is kinda wonky. Then ther
  7. That was the problem. I replaced it with alloy wire and solved the problem. ALthough its wierd since I didnt have this problem in regular tekkit though. Ah well, heres the pic anyway, updated with alloy wire of course.
  8. Ya know, I did use dust instead of alloy wire, I'll have to try that too.
  9. I'm a yea I know right! In regular tekkit I've built huge red power quarries with no problem, but I make a small wool farm and it barely goes 10 blocks. I'm at work now, I'll post a picture when I get home.
  10. Sorry if this has been asked, but while setting up my multi colored sheep farm, I noticed that the distance a signal can travel on the redstone pneumatic tube is about 10 blocks. Im guessing this was changed in the update of Redpower. How do you get around this?
  11. We tried renting a server thinking that bandwidth was an issue, were are hosting it a servercraft.co I just uploaded the world and the same thing is still happening. Does anyone have any ideas? I literally played all weekend on single player with no issues.
  12. I had my friend send we the world folder. Playing in single player doesnt seem to cause the problem. Bandwidth issue?
  13. So Ive been having a problem with my Redpower quarry that I made. Its simialr to Direwolf20's, it uses an Inch Worm system to move the entire structure, but single motors to dig to bedrock. So far, my research has led me to believe that it was the wireless redstone. Then I read that Ender and Alchemy chests could also casue a problem. I am no longer using wireless restone, but I am using an Energy Condesor and an Alchemychest for overflow. Heres the wiered part. I was able to successfully run to digging sessions down to bedrock, with no issues. After those two were done, I repositioned
  14. Ok, but how do you save to a floppy. I would like to know. Anyone?
  15. Unfortunately no. We ended up moving the server to my buddies house since the area In question was his. Since he would be connected via the LAN he wouldn't have any issues. Then I just don't go over there. When we did move the server I tried going into the area and I then had the problem. We weren't sure if it was the levers or red stone engines. Good luck!
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