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  1. Hey ! Just checking up , were you able to get everything sorted out? I'm not sure about McAfee but I know that AVG has had a long history of interfering with Minecraft activities.
  2. Justin, not trying to be rude but to point out your "A small lot of land where I can build a unique building where I can store items without fear of grief and thievery." sentence caught my eye. If you have played on other Lukeycraft servers you would notice that they intend to have a strong sense of pvp and grieving adds to said experience. So although that might make it more enjoyable for you; it might make everything worse for the dedicated Lukeycraft players. Not to mention it goes against their style.
  3. Hmm, are you able to connect to any other servers? Sometimes your firewall can block minecraft, as well as your anti-virus.
  4. No problem man, Enjoy the mod, (:
  5. When you start your Technic Launcher (before you log in) In the bottom right you will see an "Options" button. Click that button and from here you will see a "Use Dev Build" tick box. Tick this box and your good to go!
  6. Not sure if you are being serious or trolling however; try copy and pasting the address given because it is easier to avoid typos such as the one you made. Its "Lukeycraft" not "Luckycraft", make that small change and you should be good! Have fun!
  7. I was just curious as to some of your standing points. Technically that is custom coding, the DEV had to code those features that were not included in the mod itself. Those features are actually really nice to have in this type of server, especially since most servers don't offer these features. Not to mention there is a party system and within this system exp gain is even shared! So forgive me, I believe they offer just what they advertise, on top of that I would like to ask; what exactly did you say you code again? As to the spawn, the spawn is protected. If you walk down the path set, it cannot be destroyed and the same goes for the town that the path leads too. Just because the areas around the spawn are not blocked doesn't mean a thing. It just mean you as a player don't need to start grieving it up just because you were given a little leeway. And to avoid being killed, be smart. If you get killed going one way.... go around? (lol) As for you last statement.... "wow" just about sums everything up. I mean honestly look at the date this thread and server was posted...Not a lot of time to get a server bustling with amazing players. Sorry if you feel I am attacking you; your post just caught my eye as it needed clarification.
  8. Hey guys, I'm sorry if I am beginning a thread that is not needed or "spam" on this particular subject however; I have been searching on the forums and still have not found anything related to the ability to repair your gear in H/M or how to do so. I know you can, just the how is the issue here. So if someone could link me to said thread that would be really amazing! If it does not exist maybe someone could take the time to explain how? Thanks in advance and again, if this thread is "spam" please close it. I do not wish to complicate anything for anyone. -Floppy
  9. Looks great guys! I am about to log in now with a few of my friends and I'm excited to finally see a different Hack/Mine. I am curious as to how you got plugins featured into your server though ( I run my own for a few friends occasionally). See you in game!
  10. When you start up your launcher, in the bottom right, you will see a "Options" button. From there you need to click it and it will open a small menu, you will then see a toggle for "Use development build" or something similar to that. After you select it your good to go! I hope this helps
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