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  1. I don't see how the cutscene would add anything to the game, and it'd piss people off if it wasn't skippable. Plus, it'd be hard, if not impossible, to implement in minecraft. I don't know why you'd say no to new mods just because what we have in the pack is good. Mo' Creatures is easy to configure so that it's less invasive (can do it from inside minecraft even), and ars magica can mostly be ignored (except in pvp, but there are certainly ways to beat a wizard without magic). It won't make the pack any worse, and it contributes to the Hexxit feel. Besides, you can remove it or play on an older version. It's easy enough.
  2. Might be a slight one week necro, but I don't get on all that often so I missed this. Don't get me wrong on this, I love Divine RPG, but some of the mobs, especially the nether ones, can be a pain. I don't mind a feeling of danger, but I don't want to spend five minuets spamming left click to take something down, and Divine RPG is particularly bad about this (one of the end game bosses has 5000 health, and your average nether mob has 100-120). There's not really that much strategy to the fights either, they just hit like a truck if you don't keep knocking them back into a corner, and the +80 damage sword renders every other weapon in the game useless. It also nerfs vanilla armors into oblivion, with full diamond only giving 50% mitigations. You can't play like it isn't there, and I believe that a lot of people won't like it because it can turn into such a grindfest (especially getting armor). If someone spends two hours grinding for armor, and a mob that will one shot you on full health if you're not wearing anything kills them, expect hard raging if keep inventory isn't on. It's virtually necessary to have a good time playing Divine RPG (the same goes for Mo' Creatures to a lesser extent, what with werewolves spawning as often as creepers by default).
  3. I like Mo' Creatures overall, but some features of it can be quite annoying, such as how common the new mobs are. I had to nerf the spawn levels of pretty much everything it added into oblivion just to see some vanilla mobs. With the spawn levels for absolutely everything set to the same level as endermen, I still could get the resources I needed from vanilla mobs, and see the Mo' Creatures mobs as well, without them becoming annoying (let's face it, werewolves should not have the same spawn rate as creepers, skeletons, and spiders, to the point where that and blue slimes is all I'm getting). I agree that Mo' Creatures should be in the pack, but only with tweaking to the spawn rates. Ars Magica is a perfect fit for Hexxit, 'nuff said.
  4. Ars Magica is very much in keeping with the spirit of Hexxit, encouraging exploration to find spells, and even has a unique tower guarded by tough bosses that is necessary to unlock the highest tier of casting. Mystcraft is an ok fit, but it really would serve no useful purpose in an adventure mudpack, aside from creating linking books to places. Thaumcraft would, surprisingly, be a terrible fit for Hexxit (in my opinion, feel free to have your own), because it encourages settling down to research all those technologies, go mining to get more stuff to throw into your research table, and offers no way to progress through adventure. For all intents and purposes it is a tech mod. What I do think would add a lot useful features is the camping mod, because it offers bags and on site crafting through the special items, has a nice GUI to put those in and use them (pressing r opens your bag and crafting, you don't need to keep your camping tools on your hotbar or even in your normal inventory), and offers the ability to put down a temporary bed and furnace (tent and campfire). You can even have tents store things like a chest for you. Although tent functionality could be achieved through other means, the bags are truly useful, and neither overpriced nor overpowered.
  5. When I try adding the universal electricity mods, it just gray screens. It hasn't created config files so I can't change the block id's on the mods. Any idea how to get past this? Edit: It displays the mojang screen then gray screens.
  6. Not a black market, micro center. I don't remember what the model or serial numbers are, I'll look at it later, but it works fine.
  7. I think that tekkit pvp battles are pointless, because they take so long. The thing that you need to do to lure them into a trap, there are some electrocution traps that kill quantum instantly. Tekkit is about cunning and planning in advance, not spam clicking like vannilla battles.
  8. I found it hard to believe too, but, it works very well, and I've had no problems with it so far. You don't have to believe it, because it works for me and I like it.
  9. And why not? Why is everyone so anal about necroes? How does it hurt anyone? There was also a thread about pies that got locked for what appears to me to be no reason, what's that about?
  10. Sorry, haven't been on in a while, so I didn't see this. I forgot what make it is, but it runs direct x 11 (my old one only did 10), and my graphics have jumped from very low to high, so it's much better.
  11. That was indeed a very nice necro, but I've got you beat. I necroed two different threads that had been dead for a year.
  12. I got a $20 graphics card for christmas. But it has 1G of ram, and a very good speed, not to mention sound processing on a graphics card. Yes, $20, that's not a typo.
  13. Ummm, so, I necroed a thread, you can join in. Why does it matter?
  14. Sorry for the two month necro, but I think that just putting it a few thousand blocks away from spawn would do it. You could also build a fortress in the end, no nether to teleport in. Teraform it to look like the overworld, and put a force field around what you want.
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