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  1. Whoops for phrasing on that sentance. i speeek englush gud.
  2. I was going to say that was the cause. Digging through the IC2 wiki has revealed a bigger detail. http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/index.php?title=Mining_Laser I usually only notice the effect on low power, but that's probably because you only targeting one block at a time, and if you're lucky, the laser normally only destroys the cobble.
  3. Why does (seemingly) no one know that you can get 2 extra cables by substituting Silver for Redstone @[email protected] http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/index.php?title=Glass_Fibre There are far less uses for Silver ingots than there are uses for redstone -.-
  4. Always use tin cable when dealing with Solar Panels, IC Wind Mills, and Water Mills. Solar Panels only generate 1 EU/t, and the .2 EU/t energy loss deals with individual energy packets, not your combined energy generation.
  5. There are threads in the launcher section that had examples of scripts that you could run to force the launcher to use 1.6. Happy Hunting!
  6. You are still running Java 7 on Mac. Stop that!
  7. No. Teach a man to fish, blah blah blah. Use your brain and think about it for two seconds to a minute. Notice the major divisions with the boards. What areas can you rule out as not being applicable. Think "Hmm, would this be covered in the LP section? Random art? Server advertisments? Or is this a more specific issue? Is it an issue with Tekkit itself, or could it be an issue with the launcher?" You also need to look at _all_ the messages being produced, not just those in the log itself. Not everyone knows to look there. Deductive reasoning skills are your friend and will help you from being just another fucking leach on these forums. EDIT - added unseen quote
  8. Iron Chests doesn't require anything besides Forge. FML is the Forge Mod Loader. It is a replacement for ModLoader, and has a bit of backwards compatibility. You don't need both.
  9. This isn't related at all. Also, there are about 5 other topics with the same error message on it that you could have leached onto.
  10. Thermopiles have a very low yield. I really only use them to augment the output of Blutricity Solar Panels. Also, be sure that you're outputting the power into a Battery Box, and then to your devices. The devices themselves have a smaller power storage, so you won't maximize the power generation over time.
  11. 1. Uninstall Java 7 2. Reboot 3. Try running Technic (or any other Java-based app bundle). At this point, OS X should probably say "Hey! You don't have Java downloaded. We'll download it from System Update for you".
  12. https://github.com/TechnicPack/Spoutcraft-Launcher/commits/master EDIT - Heh, totally unexpected timing If you hit "reply" on different posts, it will append each of the quote blocks to the new post
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