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  1. Age:15 IGN (In Game Name)breakingyogibeat Why Do you want to Play on this Server?its very good What Do you want to Build?a base on the moon
  2. Age:15 IGN (In Game Name)breakingyogibeat Why Do you want to Play on this Server?looks really good What Do you want to Build?my home and factory on the moon thanks
  3. oh lil thats towny in safe mode aj cant help that at the moment its the same for me and my bro
  4. Aj I'm free all this week from 9 am to 8:30 pm tell me what todo and ill have a go for you mate
  5. applying for 2 friends igns theminecraftlvr and ilikminecraft ages 11 and 12 please aj or kazz could you add them
  6. aj you need help rebuilding spawn cause i have been on today and it need work alot of work
  7. hope it dose but you will have to change your password so your bro cant get on there
  8. gonna miss you lilbird08 but its ajs choice and its was duno on your account sad to see you go though
  9. i can give you money but you can also do /sell hand
  10. sure i can help u out i have been on the server for some time and have lots of stuff
  11. Your ingame name breakingyogibeat Why you want to join our server love the rules Have you played on any of our other servers, if so which? old tekkit Something about yourself i dont like being attacked and like to work with people
  12. i wish that you can do something about them to fast
  13. thevortex i wish to tell u that 2 players are being complete douchebags to me and killerbee11
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