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  1. Wanted to check out your server. My IGN is SkateNeff

    1. varietygamer


      Sorry it took forever, added to whitelist.

  2. Age: 21 IGN (In Game Name): SkateNeff not BetaWulf Why Do you want to Play on this Server? I've been wanting to play some new Tekkit lately so I thought why not find a nice server to play and build on. What Do you want to Build? I think it would be cool to keep with the space style of building. So definitely ships, towers, bases, that sort of stuff.
  3. Your ingame name: SkateNeff Why you want to join our server: I want to try out this new tekkit and see how it is but it be great to play with others. Have you played on any of our other servers, if so which?: No I haven't actually but I wouldn't mind. Something about yourself: Well first of all my in game name is SkateNeff and not BetaWulf sadly. I'm 21 and mature. I love playing Minecraft and I wouldn't mind building with others. I wouldn't mind lending a hand to make this server awesome.
  4. The server says I'm not white-listed. My IGN is SkateNeff not BetaWulf. I should probably change that >.>
  5. Oh Luke the modpack link above doesn't work because there's an ending bracket in the URL. Maybe that's why it didn't for Liam.
  6. IGN: SkateNeff Tekkit experience: I have about a years worth of Tekkit experience. Most known mod: I know just about all of them pretty well. IndustrialCraft and Redpower are probably the main ones. Why you should be whitelisted on this server: Well I've been searching for a great server that I can start fresh on, make some friends, and just build amazing stuff along the way. I am respectful and mature. I love to build/design and want to share that experience and help others if they need it too. Previous bans and why you were banned: I've never been banned from a server before.
  7. My application was approved, how do we know when were white-listed? By the way my IGN is SkateNeff not BetaWulf.
  8. IGN: SkateNeff I wouldn't mind joining this is a pretty cool idea. As far as the intro goes I'm 21 not immature or disrespectful. I love playing Minecraft and I especially enjoy it with others. Easy to get along with and I love building/designing stuff and helping out if needed.
  9. IGN - SkateNeff Age - 20 Have you ever been banned? Why? I have never been banned. Experience with Tekkit? Yes, mostly familiar with it. I've played it for about 5 months now. Why do you want on the server? To get into Tekkit a little more, and to enjoy building along with others. Lots of EE is disabled. Are you alright with this? Yes I would be alright with that.
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