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  1. Just transfer over to their forums, and ask in their support section
  2. Can't yet, is being moderated, but find Cheeseless on their forums and add me as a friend.
  3. Yeah, but don't bother to post here anymore, I'm making a thread on the FTB forums now.
  4. I stopped coming here for a while. The server is now FTB. If you want to join i´ll readd the whole whitelist to the other one
  5. We'll only swap for real once FTB has its full release.
  6. You should try once or twice more, i think i might have solved the probs
  7. First things first. Candy, you are too young, plus the Yogscast is not acceptable Tekkit education. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: This server will be reset sometime before the 10th of November. It will also change its modpack. For information regarding this, please PM me. I'll add this to the title on the OP too
  8. Ok. That is fine, then, i thought you meant people on the ftb forums who are opposed to tekkit due to its unorthodox mod obtaining methods, seeing as most of those people would be ex-Tekkit users who switched in order to be closer to the mod makers, and who know both sides inside and outside. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  9. I only have one problem with that sentence, and this is from someone who plays both packs with equal love ( i host Cheeselesscraft), and that is " hate what you don't understand". What exactly do you mean by that?
  10. Plus, if anyone wants to upload some pics of the server, either your builds or anyone else's, please pm me with links to them and i'll add them to the OP.
  11. Guys, I think it's time for a cool competition on our server. By Wednesday the next week try and build a machine that uses both Frames and any other mod(s) to either extract resources or do something else cool, so that you can show off your skills in Redpower at least, if not the others. Good Luck!!
  12. The server is my pc, i only have my pc on when i am at home and not sleeping, and i am in college.