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  1. Ok. That is fine, then, i thought you meant people on the ftb forums who are opposed to tekkit due to its unorthodox mod obtaining methods, seeing as most of those people would be ex-Tekkit users who switched in order to be closer to the mod makers, and who know both sides inside and outside. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  2. I only have one problem with that sentence, and this is from someone who plays both packs with equal love ( i host Cheeselesscraft), and that is " hate what you don't understand". What exactly do you mean by that?
  3. lol okamikk, please, i only have one life time.
  4. Well said indeed, I watch every single video of every youtuber mentioned here and i love them all becaause of the difference in styles, just like i like different genres of music, movies, or games. Even people who do similar vids like Antvenom and ChimneySwift are worth watching because of the little things that set them apart, and anyone claims that people are "folloing fame trains" or copying each other deserves to be taught some history and what it tends to do.
  5. Why is cheeselesscraft never online......T_T

  6. the server ip is cheeselesscraft.bounceme.net

  7. Actually, it was more of a matter of gathering the nodes in one file. I figured it out now. How do i delete this thread? Or if I can't, can an admin do so then?
  8. I've added bPermissions and Factions the other day because the people on the server really wanted it. However, despite having understood the basic syntax of the permission files, I can't make heads nor tails of it and so I am asking anyone with some experience in this sort of thing to help me. I am using Notepad++ to edit the .yml files. I want to have three groups: member, leader and admin. Each would always inherit the previous groups' permissions, with member being, of course, the default group. The only difference between leaders and members would be the ability to create new facti
  9. on another note, what version of Factions is compatible with the latest Tekkit release?
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