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  1. How do you deactivate EMC Values on your Server? Or what do you mean with "Please remember, my server we don't use EE, those items have not been added nor do I plan to add them."

  2. Ple To both of you, I apologize... Apparently a whole section of my forum post disappeared. Please go to our website and fill out the form there to be white-listed. Ill re-add that section today.
  3. The following users are whitelisted: Deo3560 | evildog188 | Buggy008 XxNinjaKiwi34xX has been added as an admin, Please contact him in-game or though the shout system if you are having problems in-game. If you are finding server problems or technical problems please contact me. I am sorry for not being available this weekend. Ill try my best to get on and make sure everything is working fine, but my dog of 8 years has passed away on Thursday. I am just having a hard time getting interested in playing games. I apologize for being unavailable.
  4. Sorry about all the questions but will i get promoted back? :)

    1. mouse0270


      more than likely. I just want to make sure all default permissions are working fine.

    2. XxNinjaKiwi34xX


      well im on right now and i can do all of the commands

  5. ok thanks (I thought i did something wrong. LOL)

  6. yo why did i get demoted to a normal user?

    1. mouse0270


      Sorry, all permission were reverted back to default. I am not even and admin right now.

  7. Towny has been fixed... You can now build, destroy and of course mine! We have also fixed the problems with the portals not working for normal users!
  8. So how do i get on the server?

    1. mouse0270


      We know have a shout box on the site... Check it out. To access the server enter playmorrocraft.remabledesigns.com in the Server Address section

    2. mouse0270


      Please keep in mind, that towny is ignoring our permissions for some reason... We are working on this.

  9. The following users are whitelisted: sicnar | zavius2 | pagan3000 | nick2160 | dragonkin877 dragonkin877 so do I had to make this server! How could one not love morrowind. I am hoping to remake the landscape with tekkit resource if I can every figure that out. and then maybe skyrim and oblivion as well. Though skyrim has really big hills, not sure if Ill be able to make them...
  10. They should be fixed today, by 1pm EST time. This has been fixed, I recreated the towny config and forgot to change the default values that stop users from building in the wilderness. Both pagan3000 and nick2160 have been added to the whitelist and given permissions. Romon: Sorry for changing the whitelist method. This is a new server and going under rapid development. I am working hard on getting all permissions and the website up and going. I do apologize for this inconvenience, Thank you for applying.
  11. Have white-listed all applications on this forum to this point and fixed the problem with not being able to build or destroy block in the wilderness. Also changed the server connection from an IP to "playmorrocraft.remabledesigns.com" and also created a website to go along with this. check it out at morrocraft.remabledesigns.com
  12. if you are still having problems let me know, We did have a problem with permissionsex generating the correct permissions for new users. Though I thought we worked that out... Just let me know and Ill see about fixing it.
  13. Is it not letting you build? Or are you just checking to see if you can't build in selected areas... I know you have to move some distance away from the spawn... Its Protected so we can build Seyda Neen there
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