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  1. can i join ur tekkit lite server?

  2. Worldguard isn't working correctly with tekkit lite. Creepers keep exploding and destroying blocks....
  3. Hi, is there any Wool Clothing Mod that works with Tekkit Lite? something like: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1013231-11-eacobs-clothes-mod-now-with-multiplayer/ i can't get this running on my tekkit lite server. Can anybody help me?
  4. Worldguard does NOT work correct. Creepers still demolish blocks, even it is deactivated in config. mobs: block-creeper-block-damage: true block-creeper-explosions: true
  5. i tried a tut for Tekkit 3.X with this 5 *.class Files and it worked, but when i try to use the same tut for tekkitlite, it doesn't.
  6. what *.class? ALL *.class files? these are many
  7. Yes, i also don't know how to install SEUS v10 RC6. i have the right link for the 1.4.6 files: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4g8e38ye81vxx78 but i can't get it running. i've put it into minecraft.jar, doesn't work, then i added it to modpack.jar ... doesn't work too. Anyone got it running or another shader? Please don't just post YES, and give a short tutorial please PS: Already have optifine running...
  8. How do you deactivate EMC Values on your Server? Or what do you mean with "Please remember, my server we don't use EE, those items have not been added nor do I plan to add them."

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