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  1. You can completely disable the wireless redstone addon mod by going to /mods in your tekkie server folder and deleting the WR-CBE Addons-Bukkit x.x.x.x.zip file, where x are version numbers
  2. Server IP: tekkit.sturmcraft.tk [Default Port] Website: http://sturmcraft.tk/ 24/7 Uptime 50 Player Slots Come join us at SturmCraft, a unique PvP, Factions and RPG experience. We are always open to suggestions, we are community-driven! Some shots of work from our in-house pixel artist: Banned Items Dynamite, Sticky Dynamite, Dynamite-o-mote Industrial TNT, TNT Cart Ring of Ignition, Zero Ring, Void Ring, Black Hole Band Nuke, Nova Cataclysm, Nova Catalyst, Destruction Catalyst Dimensional Anchor, World Anchor, Anchor Cart Evertide Amulet, Volcanite Amulet Mercurial Eye, Catalytic Lens, Hyperkinetic Lens RM Furnace, Morning Star, RM Katar MK3 Collector/Relay Watch of Flowing Time, Mining Laser Plugins Coloured Names and prefixes Chest Shops Auctions Factions Ships LWC Marriage Mob Bounty Mob Arenas mcMMO TARDIS World Border A user of ours made a zen garden in the nether:
  3. UPDATE: I have found the problem. It appears whenever the server crashed when this spam happened, it noted something about a null pointer exception in the Wireless Redstone addon mod. So i disabled it, and someone asked where his triangulator went. So I guess the fix would be to disable the wireless triangulator.
  4. Come on guys, someone must know why this is happening. It spams the console endlessly until it crashes, my server wrapper restarts it, then it starts spamming again. This has started happening all of the sudden, and I think its something a player has placed, or hacked or something.
  5. I know your server lags but there is also bugs and this like coal not dropping ores not being minable. Please fix lag soon it is getting worse and tell me when i can post application for moderator.

    I love your server.........!