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  1. Greetings! This is the owner of Fusion-Craft Jeffdonatic Im here to present my new hexxit server with which i have poured all my server making knowledge into ;p We have a rank progression featuring unlocks at each class keeping you enticed enhancing your experience , Followed by a comprehensive suite of plugins that will furthermore make your stay on the server even more enjoyable - Ranging from the well loved mcMMO to "CrazySquad" - make a team/party for upto 5 people where you can share loot drops and exp and have a fun time and Factions + Which adds the generic factions salvo of commands with even more customization, To many more! Make sure to check out the server @ hexxit.fusion-craft.com (Note: New server , No website/forums as of yet they will be up asap ;p)
  2. Well if you have say 10 servers on a quad core at 3.4ghz with 50 people thats 2.5 servers per core per say if you have 10 servers on a 2 x 4 Core thats 1.25 Servers per core evening the difference in clock speed
  3. I mean the capacity of the servers like 40 slot etc, If its going to be lower slot like 40 slot the 1230 id suggest if its several with higher slot go for the dual
  4. All depends at the intended capacity of those said vitrual servers
  5. Our main server roles in 5 x What we pay for the rent a month, and i only mentioned what minecraft servers we run on it
  6. Limestonenetworks is a amazing place for servers , we operate 3 servers on our 1290v2 1 Tekkit 100 Slot with no lag at 100 people, 1 FTb server 30 in development 1 Vanilla 50 slot in started http://www.limestonenetworks.com/dedicated_servers/order.html?id=54&o1=30002&o2=1&o3=10270&o4=10040&o20=1&o21=1&o5=4&o7=10060&o8=1&o9=1&o27=1&o26=1&o10=2&o11=1&o13=1&o15=3&o24=1&o22=4 Thers a thing i put together which is what you wanted a good perk of it is you can get the upgrade to 1270v2 at just $10 extra The v2 is Ivy Bridge compared to the Sandy bridge 1270, Which is 10% better clock for clock
  7. groupmanager is good plugin if your new to the whole server ideal if you want send me the config files ill look over them
  8. By far the best minecraft host is elpishost , the owner tyler is a great person he responds to tickets extremely fast and cooperates in a friendly manner, service is amazing we ran a 80 slot tekkit server off the best package they offered and the was barely lag, Any upgrades are handled pretty much instantly unlesss its like a os/hard drive change Overall a pretty dammed good place to get started with a server For dedicated servers the best 3 providers ive found are limestonenetworks.com - Great staff and good deals on qualtiy dedicated servers fragnet.com - Offer both vps and dedi's used them a few months back were above average nfoservers.com - Used them for a month and the support is great and there servers are top notch
  9. Good ways to lower lag is to lower render distance in server properties, and/or remove plugins like TekkitRestrict
  10. Downgrade then, as you said you wont even use it all, or you could run several low capacity servers
  11. Best cpu for running a server ive found, Is the Intel Xeon E3 1290v2
  12. Well is it a server cpu?
  13. For them to make minecraft mutlicore they would have to re code from the ground up which i dont believe minecraft will be doing any time soon
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