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  1. Launcher Version: Operating System: Windows 8 Pro w/Media Center - 64-Bit Java Version: 7u15 (Both 32 and 64 bit versions installed) Antivirus Program: Kaspersky 2013 Description of Problem: After not playing Minecraft for a while I updated the regular launcher to the latest version then downloaded the Technic Launcher. Each time I open the launcher up it shows no mods in the Mod List (but they can still be selected) and the Tumblr Feed isn't there and shows the "Oh Noes!" Error Message. Image: When I try to login after selecting the Tekkit Mod Pack I get an "Update Failed!" Error in a Message Box. When using Voltz it opens up normally but says I don't have Forge Mod Loader installed if I try and connect to my Voltz Server. It can get very glitchy and unpleasant at times as shown here: I've tried deleting my .techniclauncher and .minecraft folders and re-downloading the regular game and the Technic Launcher but it doesn't seem to help anything. My girlfriend also gets the same problem with the mod list being blank and Tumblr Feed being down on her Mac (OS X) and when she tries to load any of the mods it says "Update Failed!". EDIT: Girlfriend's is now working after neither of us doing anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! Error Messages: Error Log: Log was too long for this box so put on Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/rdbqD0VJ
  2. Our host change and server upgrade are complete! Same IP: arcanecraft.dyndns.org
  3. I've been using TekkitRestrict and watching it closely but hadn't even thought of this! Now I really can't wait to make the upgrade :D
  4. Well at it's peak my server can have 60 people online and 10k+ chunks loaded. On average we have 30-40 online and 5-8k chunks loaded and we want to keep expanding. We have the money and plenty of donations coming in and we want to switch hosts so now is a good time to do it.
  5. Hi there, I've been with my host since I first started my server but I've been running into some issues with them, the main ones being hardware and their file system reverting to Read-Only making my server unusable until I inform them and they fix it. I won't name names but I want to change. I've been searching all day and have, what I believe to be, a good offer of: 16GB DDR3 RAM ECC SSD (Waiting on reply from the host as to the capacity and model) 3.4GHz Octa-Core Intel Xeon E3 (Waiting on reply from host as to the exact model) 1 Gbps Connection Non-Dedicated (probably sharing with 1-2 others) $128/mo This would be an improvement over my current server for the ECC on the RAM, going from a HDD to an SSD and a very significant improvement in the CPU performance (as long as it isn't hampered by having to share; my current server is dedicated). I was wanting to run this by other owners out there and see what you thought about the deal and also if you had any counter-suggestions. Cheers!
  6. The problems with the Tekkit Ranged Weapons is a known one, as far as I'm aware there isn't a fix for it, but if there is I'd certainly love to know about it (other than disabling PvP altogether of course). On my Server we only allow Trusted rank players to use those in order to stop randoms coming on and causing trouble with them, that's our solution at the moment. Sorry I can't really be of much help.
  7. My server is £50($80)/mo and thankfully myself and a few friends (one of which was a server member to begin with) split the bill. It started as a £18 ($30)/mo one with just me paying it but due to donations I've been able to upgrade 3 or 4 times since. However, if we wanted we could stop paying altogether and use donations alone to fund it. Maybe I just have some exceptionally generous users but we've brought in what can't be far off £500-600 ($800-$1,000) since about the start of August which I find astonishing. We have packs from £5-£30 for Donators to receive and it seems to work great, like Brentnauer said at the start, it's about doing the packs correctly. You might be surprised by what you bring in!
  8. It's nice to see a post like this and I can identify with it all. The setting out a very specific plan and item blacklist, etc. is something I regret not doing in the beginning as it was a nightmare to manage. Once I finally had that all nailed down it made things MUCH easier. You can list them all and not be stumped when someone asks you if something is banned or why something is or isn't. Griefing was another thing I struggled with in the beginning and it took a while to try and fix all of the little loopholes that people will use (they are disgustingly devious). Proper research into what people suggest banning (a search on here will come up with plenty) and patches & plugins to combat griefing are definitely a must. Number 5 combined with Number 2 were also two things I didn't account for. I bought my modest hosting package and set to work, posted on a few places like here and it didn't take long to get a decent little playerbase going, I was surprised and unprepared for that. Before I had only hosted locally (see Number 3) and only Bukkit Servers. One thing I can't stress enough is do not get into hosting a Tekkit Server lightly unless you just want it for you and your friends. People can and will be demanding and expect everything from you, don't get me wrong, you get plenty of nice players, but it can get overwhelming at times. Tekkit is much harder to administer and requires much more work. Plugins don't always work properly and require hunting down Dev Builds and making sure they're for 1.2.5 R4 and not the latest version etc, etc. You will get weird errors and crashes and all sorts due to compatibility issues and have to find the cause. All in all it's not easy, it's a lot of work, your job is never done, but it's very rewarding when it's running smoothly and people are happy/enjoying themselves. I would say that the 2nd Honorary Mention isn't quite true. While you don't NEED it, it's proven invaluably helpful on my server for things like making Events and whatnot. To any aspiring hosts: Don't let this thread and my/any other comments put you off. Just make sure you take everyone's advice on board because it really is useful. I wish I'd seen a post like this before I started mine!
  9. Rather than going all out on the bans I'd suggest you look at the plugin TekkitRestrict as it solves the duping bugs and a number of other Tekkit related horrors. Unless you want to run a No-EE server you shouldn't have the Condensers or Alchemical Chests banned. The Alchemical Chest is just a chest with huge storage that can also repair tools and armour that are in it if you put a Talisman of Repair in with them (so even if you want a No-EE server, these still don't really need banned). The Auto-Crafting tables are definitely a big no-no for banning in my opinion. They make it impossible to create any sort of factory/automated assembly line which people love to do. There is an EE Tool patch here: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/patch-for-ee-mining-tools-no-more-griefing-with-them.6642/ Which I would strongly recommend getting as it will save you from severe griefing with the worst griefing tools and allow you to, if you wish, unban all of the DM/RM Tools and things like the Destruction Catalyst which people WILL want and will get frustrated if they can't have them, after all it is Tekkit, people don't want to be stuck with the same old Diamond stuff. The amulets and most rings should be hold and usage banned but not crafting banned as they are necessary to craft other items. If you don't run TekkitRestrict you absolutely must ban the Abyss Helmet and Infernal Chestplate or you'll be in for a nasty, nasty surprise. They are both horrific for griefing and can annihilate places in an instant. You should also ban Black Hole Bands and RM Furnaces if you don't plan to use TR as these can be used to Dupe. I'd also advise banning Black Hole Chests and Water Strainers as these are known to corrupt worlds.
  10. When you did the blaze rod patch did you delete the EEMaps.class file from the EE2Server.zip before putting the new one in? I made that mistake the first time I tried it and it worked perfectly when I did it correctly. Also when it works it won't change the EMC Value shown when you mouse over the powder as that is Client-side, but if you put it in a Trans-Tablet you'll see it shows the patched value. Also are you using this patch: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/ee-blazerod-macerating-patch.22302/ I'd suggest using the one that patches Bone Meal too otherwise people will just switch to that instead of Blaze Rods. You'll also want to ban deployers from deploying bonemeal as this can be used for dark room farms which are notoriously laggy. This can be done by going into the redpower\redpower.cfg file and adding the ID of Bonemeal (351:15) to the Deployer Blacklist. This is what mine looks like: machine { blockbreaker.blacklist="4,52" deployer.blacklist="126:10,126:11,237,351:15" fakeplayer { login=1 name="[RedPower]" } You can achieve the same thing using the fakeplayer in your permissions like so (I'm using PermissionsEX and NoItem): rpfakeplayer: default: false permissions: - noitem.(nopickup|nodrop|noplace|nobreak|nohold|nowear|nocraft|nouse).(4|52.all|351.15|237|126.10|126.11|246.3) As you can see I've also added some of the banned blocks on my server to it. This stops people from using crafting workarounds to craft it then placing, for example, a Nuke into a deployer next to a redstone torch and bypassing the bans that way. EMC Farms can use Cows/Mooshrooms too, so you may want to look into banning those in the deployer blacklist or patching their EMC, however, I'd advise against patching them in deployers because people use them for things like Water Mills, Geothermal Generators (although Lava Cells are better) and Factories. If you need any more help with this sort of thing let me know.
  11. Unfortunately I haven't found any solutions yet so I don't have an ETA at the moment. I'm scouring the web and I've posted on about 3 different places trying to find a way to solve the problem.
  12. There's an issue with it starting up which I'm working on. Refer to the Server Forums for info.
  13. If it's really that bad, depending on how long your current world has been going, you might want to consider a reset. But before you do, make sure you really nail down a plan of action to stop the issues with lag that you've been having, otherwise you'll just end up in the same situation a week or two down the road. I had to do this at one point and it worked like a charm, my senior staff and I talked it all out for a good while and came up with a solution that suited our server. There's very little point in an overhaul of your restricted/banned items, etc. on a world that's been going for a long time because too many will already be out there causing the problems. People will bitch because it's a reset, but they always do, the sensible ones will understand why as long as you explain it properly. While I agree you can't have an Admin who just goes around trying to find these things all day, you do need to have your staff regularly check on things, even if it's just /vanish-ing and teleporting around to see what people are up to every so often and if you spot something that could be a problem just have a word with the owner of it. If you do this, however, you need to have an alternative for them, you can't just say "This setup is laggy get rid of it or I will", that's pretty harsh and unhelpful, you need to try and make sure you can say "This setup isn't ideal because <reason (e.g. these pipes are leaking)>, but if you did it <this way (e.g. using RP tubes)> it would be much better". Hope this helps a little.
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