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  1. Launcher Version: Operating System: Windows 8 Pro w/Media Center - 64-Bit Java Version: 7u15 (Both 32 and 64 bit versions installed) Antivirus Program: Kaspersky 2013 Description of Problem: After not playing Minecraft for a while I updated the regular launcher to the latest version then downloaded the Technic Launcher. Each time I open the launcher up it shows no mods in the Mod List (but they can still be selected) and the Tumblr Feed isn't there and shows the "Oh Noes!" Error Message. Image: When I try to login after selecting the Tekkit Mod Pack I ge
  2. I've been using TekkitRestrict and watching it closely but hadn't even thought of this! Now I really can't wait to make the upgrade :D
  3. Well at it's peak my server can have 60 people online and 10k+ chunks loaded. On average we have 30-40 online and 5-8k chunks loaded and we want to keep expanding. We have the money and plenty of donations coming in and we want to switch hosts so now is a good time to do it.
  4. Hi there, I've been with my host since I first started my server but I've been running into some issues with them, the main ones being hardware and their file system reverting to Read-Only making my server unusable until I inform them and they fix it. I won't name names but I want to change. I've been searching all day and have, what I believe to be, a good offer of: 16GB DDR3 RAM ECC SSD (Waiting on reply from the host as to the capacity and model) 3.4GHz Octa-Core Intel Xeon E3 (Waiting on reply from host as to the exact model) 1 Gbps Connection Non-Dedicated (probably sharing with
  5. The problems with the Tekkit Ranged Weapons is a known one, as far as I'm aware there isn't a fix for it, but if there is I'd certainly love to know about it (other than disabling PvP altogether of course). On my Server we only allow Trusted rank players to use those in order to stop randoms coming on and causing trouble with them, that's our solution at the moment. Sorry I can't really be of much help.
  6. My server is £50($80)/mo and thankfully myself and a few friends (one of which was a server member to begin with) split the bill. It started as a £18 ($30)/mo one with just me paying it but due to donations I've been able to upgrade 3 or 4 times since. However, if we wanted we could stop paying altogether and use donations alone to fund it. Maybe I just have some exceptionally generous users but we've brought in what can't be far off £500-600 ($800-$1,000) since about the start of August which I find astonishing. We have packs from £5-£30 for Donators to receive and it seems to work great, li
  7. It's nice to see a post like this and I can identify with it all. The setting out a very specific plan and item blacklist, etc. is something I regret not doing in the beginning as it was a nightmare to manage. Once I finally had that all nailed down it made things MUCH easier. You can list them all and not be stumped when someone asks you if something is banned or why something is or isn't. Griefing was another thing I struggled with in the beginning and it took a while to try and fix all of the little loopholes that people will use (they are disgustingly devious). Proper research into wh
  8. Rather than going all out on the bans I'd suggest you look at the plugin TekkitRestrict as it solves the duping bugs and a number of other Tekkit related horrors. Unless you want to run a No-EE server you shouldn't have the Condensers or Alchemical Chests banned. The Alchemical Chest is just a chest with huge storage that can also repair tools and armour that are in it if you put a Talisman of Repair in with them (so even if you want a No-EE server, these still don't really need banned). The Auto-Crafting tables are definitely a big no-no for banning in my opinion. They make it impossibl
  9. When you did the blaze rod patch did you delete the EEMaps.class file from the EE2Server.zip before putting the new one in? I made that mistake the first time I tried it and it worked perfectly when I did it correctly. Also when it works it won't change the EMC Value shown when you mouse over the powder as that is Client-side, but if you put it in a Trans-Tablet you'll see it shows the patched value. Also are you using this patch: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/ee-blazerod-macerating-patch.22302/ I'd suggest using the one that patches Bone Meal too otherwise people will just switch to
  10. Unfortunately I haven't found any solutions yet so I don't have an ETA at the moment. I'm scouring the web and I've posted on about 3 different places trying to find a way to solve the problem.
  11. There's an issue with it starting up which I'm working on. Refer to the Server Forums for info.
  12. If it's really that bad, depending on how long your current world has been going, you might want to consider a reset. But before you do, make sure you really nail down a plan of action to stop the issues with lag that you've been having, otherwise you'll just end up in the same situation a week or two down the road. I had to do this at one point and it worked like a charm, my senior staff and I talked it all out for a good while and came up with a solution that suited our server. There's very little point in an overhaul of your restricted/banned items, etc. on a world that's been going for a
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