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  1. That looks like a mystcraft writing desk though on the right of that first picture. Also, yay!
  2. Someone signed their post! 3...2... I am also having the same issue. I've disabled my antivirus, it did not fix it. Using the dev build 0.5.3
  3. There are about 4 different wikis on the internet posing as tekkit wikis. Which one is the official one? (If there is even one at all!) A: http://thetekkit.wikia.com B: http://tekkitwiki.com C: http://tekkit.it D: http://tekkit-lite.wikia.com
  4. So this is dead then? A shame, I really loved where it was going.
  5. Tekkit lite would probably be a better idea, as tekkit isn't going to be updated (for a while at least, as it stands). All you'd have to do is make a map and reset the map at the end of every match. Seeing as tekkit lite doesn't run bukkit, though, this *could* be a bit of a problem. Anyway, your choice.
  6. do u know when u could get a server back up im goin to use it on my youtube series

  7. Server is alive! http://xphxserver.tumblr.com

  8. EE is a matter of personal opinion. The point of No. 4 is know if you are keeping it on before you turn the server on.
  9. True that. I stress the negative aspect of hosting in the guide, but once you learn to get past this it's a blast. Otherwise, I wouldn't be trying again, now would I?
  10. Recently I had to shut down a server that I really liked, and wanted to keep going. It was a humble, whitelist server with all the right intentions but all the wrong execution. I'm going to list the five reasons why my server failed, and I urge everyone who reads this to never do the things I did in this list. Don't try this at home, kids. Number 5: Be aware (and beware) of what you are getting into. Alright, I'm not really in any sort of infraction of this rule. I've run servers part-time-ish before. Never a tekkit server and never something that was meant to last, mostly I'd just do
  11. Hey both of you, Please see OP. (See you in the future.)
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