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  1. Updated main post. Server now has 35 slots. A brand new map, Better economy.
  2. Multicraft itself doesn't "manage" anything, It simply provides a web interface to make management easier. But it does make me wonder if you are able to actually use all the RAM you have.
  3. Job 1: Switch out your HDD's with SSD's. (Not usually something I recommend, but minecraft is rather unique in this instance, that it does a lot of I/O. Job 2: Check that you ACTUALLY HAVE 1Gbps/100mbps and not just a 1gbps/100mbps port. Recommendation: You may find it more efficient to run multiple linked servers. (e.g. Use Transporter or Bungee Cord to link multiple servers together) Side note: Opterons are great for multi-threading, which minecraft is not. If you wanted to run 30+ servers on the same machine then this CPU would suit you very well, if you're only running 1 single server, then it is very much wasted.
  4. Please check that players can't place the watch of flowing time on a DM pedestal. Please check that you haven't inadvertently configured one of your plugins/mods to increase your TPS beyond 20. Also make sure that when you ban an item, you actually ban being able to hold, use, own and craft it, not simply ban crafting. There are many ways to get around crafting bans, (Project tables and automatic crafting tables for a start)
  5. Are you sure this isn't just a buildup of entities? It's also usually good practice to schedule your server to restart every few hours.
  6. In theroy it should be as simple as simply uploading a tekkit lite server and running it. (Thats how it works on my system) And doesn't that raise alarm bells? If they can't install something as simple as a minecraft server on a hosting service designed for hosting minecraft servers?
  7. Then take it up with Paypal/your bank. If they aren't providing the service your paying for, you have a legal right to a refund (at least in the UK you do.) And if you paid with Paypal, the entire process is pretty simple. Remember the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy is as much there to protect you as it is to protect them. (And honestly, if you bought hosting from me for example... I'd personally set your server up for you if you requested it, just to make sure it works as you want it.)
  8. I'd be demanding my money back.... But yeah, sounds like your mods haven't loaded properly if you crash out when you try using an item that isn't present in vanilla minecraft.
  9. You mean when you use non-vanilla items? And to be honest... if I didn't provide support even the basic support to get my customers up and running, there's no way I can see myself continuing to be able to charge for hosting. After all why pay someone else to do it for you, if they can't even get you up and running properly within the first 2 days.
  10. I'm sorry, I'm not jabbing at you so much... but if these people can't even get you to a stage where you can connect to your server... they have no business hosting it and quite frankly, I have to wonder what exactly you are paying them for. And as it happens, I'm going to need a lot more information than that to actually solve your problem. Could you please post the server.log for this error. (up to at least 3 mins before the issue)
  11. Okay, I for one am getting tired of this... can you people please start buying server hosting from companies that actually provide the basic support required to get your servers running!
  12. If your paying for a beastnode server... they should be providing you this service.
  13. It may be likely that in order for your control panel to operate properly that you need to name your jar file: "craftbukkit.jar" regardless of weather its tekkit, craftbukkit, minecraft or some other variation.
  14. I dont think you have all your mods properly installed on your server. I don't have any experience with "" but I would start by uploading a clean download of tekkit lite and unzipping it. then run that.
  15. Out of interest as there are only 2 of you playing on your server why have you allocated so much RAM to your Minecraft server? 2-4G will do plenty fine, in-fact most 4G Tekkit servers can hold between 30 and 50 players. Also which WD drive are you using? the Caviar Black? or the Eco Green? (There is a blue... which is mid range, that should do fine too.) Is minecraft client and server stored on the same drive? Which one?