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  1. Guys check out NXcraft.com - Small server only 40 slots, generally about 10 people on. NO PVP - Nice low key server. Lots of our players are just starting out in Hexxit, it's a good match for this.
  2. Join the server and check the forums. Staff applications are there. We are launching a few more servers that will need staff.
  3. Really, it's sooo simple. If a player can't figure out how to use a gold shovel to claim land then I question if that player should be playing on a server or should be staying in single player. Grief prevention is the best land management plug in I have found nothing works as well or is as easy. While I appreciate feed back, you haven't even logged into the server. Please log in and test it out before you start questioning the setup :)
  4. Who is NXcraft: We are a newly launched brand of Minecraft servers. Yes, I said brand. This means that we are not just one server, but we are multiple servers. We will eventually have a flavor of Minecraft for everyone. We are going to start with a few heavy hitters like Hexxit (http://www.technicpack.net/hexxit) and Tekkit (http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit). We will also add some mini-games (Hunger Games, Walls, etc). We look forward to providing one of the best all around Minecraft experiences. Our first server to launch under the NXcraft brand is Hexxit. We really enjoy this pack and hope that you do too. The server is Greylisted so you will need to register on nxcraft.com and make sure your IGN is in your profile. Server ip: hexxit.nxcraft.com Website: http://www.nxcraft.com No Griefing No stealing PVP is off - Don't ask. No foul language - We are a family friendly server please respect that. Be respectful of staff and other players Don't be Stupid. (currently active) GriefPrevention RPGparty RPGtrades Coreprotect - Rollbacks of grief Essentials These are things that are limited to Our VIP Donator rank - Coming soon! Dimensional Doors (all items) - but you can still expore naturally occurring doors/rifts Special Kits Economy perks
  5. Overlord I do not think you are understanding this. Coreprotect does not log things like the philosophers stone changes. This patch only fixes things that break blocks. it does nothing for items that change or place blocks. Even the author says so himself. for instance if a player uses the volcanite amulate i would like this to place in the server.log [iNFO] k1thros used [Volcanite Amulate] at 2000,70,0 Simular to what happens when a nuke gets placed. K1
  6. No it doesnt, If the block is changed and not destroyed it does not log or place it in coreprotect. I would like to have this place in the server.log [player] used [item] at [coords] K1
  7. I got a question, Instead of fixing the rings and amulets, can you make it where it posts a line in the logs {player] used [item] at [coords] So we can catch them griefers! K1