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  1. still isnt working ill type something and wont go up and ill put a black down and it will disappear my tree house is near the npc village
  2. IGN: omnissiah1 Age: 22 Skype: omnissiah21 How long will you spend on a day 6 to 12 hours Reason for wanting to join play with a small server getting tired of big ones and tired of greifing Favorite build: a huge auto quarry and mix it with rail craft and pipes A little about yourself im 22 started playing minecraft last year wish i started sooner and i love using rail craft for a lot of my builds
  3. In game name: omnissiah19 about me:i love tekkit i finally got into rail craft so i have been honing my skill in that Location: usa west coast but im up most of the time Why Tekkitia?: because i want server i can build things with people and have a great time without the fear of being greifed Do you understand troublemaking/rule-breaking/griefing will get you banned/removed? yes
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