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  1. IGN: simon11234 / SimonPreti Amazing server, with an amazing community. The staff is amazing, and the support is great.
  2. IGN: simon11234 Seems like an interesting community! Can't wait to get started.
  3. Also, server's been down all day. Why is this? I was really enjoying it.
  4. Sent a PM with contact information. Thanks alot for considering and taking time to read my application.
  5. Alright, since no application form is present, I'll make my own. Name: Simon Preti In-Game name: simon11234 Why do you want to be admin: First of all, I REALLY love this server, I like the small community, everybody knows everybody, that's something I appreciate in a server, this is just one of the reasons I want to join. To make it better, since I find there's a lack of administration on the server, I believe I could make it better by moderating it when nobody is online. Tekkit Skills: I gotta say, I know my tekkit. However, if there's something I do not know, I will ask. As I believe
  6. Since I can't edit for some reason, my name ingame is 'simon11234'
  7. Hey Pewx. I was just wondering if it's possible to apply for admin, in cases where it's needed and no moderators are online. (This is not my application, this is simply to find out if this is possible.) Thank you.
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