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  1. yo dude, your pack is done:

  2. I need a unique spawn for my server for Tekkit, with Trade-o-Mats, plenty of space for signs, places for teleporters etc, i need the spawn to be pretty big and looks awesome, plenty of detail in micro blocks etc, post below if you are willing to build one for the server, thank you
  3. When i do that, it says it works, but the players don't get the items.
  4. So i've done that, it should work now right? Also, do you know of any Broadcast listeners for 1.2.5? I can't find any
  5. Yeah i did both, i put the port as what i did for Votifier, but i mean for the server address in the config, do i put the full ip with the port, and the votifier port below?
  6. Yeah, it is compatible. I've whitelisted my server to mess around with it to try and get it working now though, are you meant to put your IP in the config.yml or leave it as
  7. Alright, I've done everything, port forwarded, and configured the listener. But it still doesn't seem to work..
  8. Great! Thank you, the only thing i forgot to do is the portforward.
  9. Ok, so i'm using Tekkitserverlist to advertise my server, but i want to reward players who vote with 3RM, my tekkit version is 3.1.2, anyone care to help? Thank you in advance
  10. Just updated to Java version 7 update 9, and updated my Graphics Card, still no luck :(
  11. Title: White screen before 'Mojang' screen Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 8 Professional x64 Java Version: Version 6 Update 33 Description of Problem: When i load login and load tekkit, i get a white screen before the mojang logo. Error Messages: Error Log: