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  1. rename the "forge-1.6.4- " to "modpack.jar" and then put it in bin
  2. This new board software fucking sucks dicks....

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    2. TheBytemaster


      I'd have to agree with DW. They're still working on it too.

    3. Gio²


      You know when you're stupid? When you say your opinion on something without a single argument... But this is better imo, more options and a nicer theme.

    4. TheReduxPL


      IPB is excellent.

  3. we do not like bumps here, sir. it doesn't look like anyone knows a fix, just downgrade the mod to a version that works.
  4. Yep, dat win8 thing is one of the reasons I like copy. I also like Medafire, but no derect links...
  5. Can I have the link for your super modded survival pack?

    1. Amaxter



    2. shahar3116


      The link doesn't work

  6. yep, thats why I moved to copy. my modpack "Grand Theft Craft" over loaded my Dropbox.
  7. Nope. using getairmal.com to create new accounts.
  8. you can install infinite packs, but you can only have a max of 3 self made packs to an account. thats why I have like, 7 accounts.
  9. you need to give the game more RAM if you haven't.
  10. thanks CanVox. can people really not wait 3 days? like really...
  11. can someone delete this pack? http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/bteam-leak.264243 this is a "Leak" of AOTBT I found here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/forums/attack-the-team-modpack-leak-t357098.html
  12. I alredy have all the hand made Logos I need, but the best of luck to ya! I'll link this post in my free modpacks post.
  13. you have NEI but you dont have ChickenCodeCore
  14. Minecraft version, Logs and Technicpack link are needed if you want help
  15. if it's a Jar mod, it goes into the modpack.jar in the modpack's bin folder. other wise, it goes into the mods/coremods folder.
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