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  1. Because it doesnt fit in the theme of Hexxit; thaumcraft is about doing research in your base, hexxit is about exploring and getting phat lootz. And because you can add it yourself.
  2. Yes. yesyesyesyesyesyes No more Ars Magica 2? Awww, too bad, it is such a cool mod, so many possibilities. And how is it a memory hog? (whats a memory hog in MC in general? )
  3. Why are project Zulu horses still here... WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US D: No but seriously is it that hard to just remove them/stop them from spawning, Vanilla horses are so much more superior. Also having weird frame rate issues, might be the new chunks generating but I get frame drops pretty often (also have Optifine installed, 2GB RAM allocated).
  4. Awesome job guys, was waiting on this. Downloading it as I write
  5. So I think I've cleared a Zelda dungeon (im at the bottom with netherrack and such) and I've found a water temple boss key... What do I do with it? Is there a boss Im missing in the dungeon? The Zulu config is really confusing...
  6. Is there any way you could nerf the skeletons? They were strong in vanilla, but now they are just stupid OP. ??? Is it annoying lol? You can also close the spoilers you know
  7. Using the scroll wheel to put items in a chest chrashes the game. http://openeye.openmods.info/crashes/6b061bc63a4f74bfcc7b7cf98614c6c0 Edit: the same with scrolling stuff out of a chest, might be doing weird because my inventory is full... Might. brb testing. Edit²: nop, inventory not full still happens.
  8. Why THE FUCK (yes I mad) are there still project Zulu horses and not the vanilla ones?!? Am I the only one here who cant stand them (and tries to kill them all before they can make their horrible noises).
  9. Wow there's a 1.6 version now? WHY DIDN'T I FIND OUT ABOUT IT EARLIER?!? *starts downloading* Also, maybe add the Aether 2 to the pack? It has a stable 1.6 version now and it is probably one of my favourite mods that add a new dimension. K; the greatest spawn ever, next to some kind of outpost, died 4 times already gg. But why on earth are there still these horrible horses from project Zulu. We've got way better vanilla horses now in 1.6 :l
  10. 1.7.10 modpack? Maybe, maybe a beta, pls? c: Most mods are updated...

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    2. Gio²


      Um they are, TE, MFR, TiC and more are updated and if not they are very close to.

    3. Melfice


      Very close does not updated make.

      So, patience. I'm sure they're working on stuff behind the scenes.

    4. Kalbintion


      Most mods are updated? lol, no, theres a few, not most...

  11. 1. You will have to use this table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0As9dFXD_KM2CdGFhTUxOUGxMRlpERWtPMmtGT213bmc&usp=drive_web#gid=0 It is very confusing but it makes sense somewhat in the end. Just scroll down and use the second table. In the red at the side it says how to calculate the amount of steam and the amount of rotor blades you'll need. Dont really understand most other questions :c Just make a 5x5x5 big reactor with 4 fuel rods to get 2000 mb/t of steam, that's the max amount any Turbine can take.
  12. Hm, I found 4 fuel rods in the corners filled with cryrotheum to be more efficient (a 5x5x5 with that layout produces 2000 mb/t easily). Looks great tho. Will definitely build something like this someday, because its awesome.
  13. Dont know if its a 1.7 thing but when you see that press F3+A to reload your chunks and that should solve it
  14. APPLE MASTER RACE! Um what. O, this game just looks sexy, I love Ed's (the main artist/designer) drawing style. Not sure what to expect from this, but I'll definitely keep an eye out for this.
  15. I want a 1.7 modpack :c

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    2. ThePagan



    3. Stop mocking me0

      Stop mocking me0

      or… Or… or…

      I take 1.7.2 pack requests now too.

    4. Doomzzday01


      Can you make me a mudpack for 1.7.2 without all the mods please.

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