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  1. I am one of the developers of The Hybrid Assault Modpack. The current issues over permission to use minechem have been brought to my attention. This is an email i recieved from jakimfett, the author of minechem, yesterday morning. Please read it and consider removing the warning on our modpack.



  2. Luke, you fucking earned your PAINS belt with this guide. Was able to piece together a modpack in less than 2 evenings. MODERATOR APPROVED :lizard:
  3. I made a modpack, yo. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ponypower.96792

  4. Eldmor

    List of good places to host your modpack file

    I'm trying to get Google Drive to work for this, but the manually constructed URL format doesn't register properly on Platform. The manual download URL format for Drive is https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=YourIndividualID where YourIndividualID is the string of letters and numbers in the middle of the Share link. Platform gives me the error "You must provide a valid link to your custom zip." but if you paste the URL into your address bar, it starts the direct download fine.
  5. Tycoon games are a thing.

  6. There's a queue, bucko. Bothering us isn't going to make it move any faster.

    From actually looking at the submission, it's getting rejected.

  7. Eldmor

    FTL: Faster Than Light

    Upgrade your Engines to kingdom come and have an experienced or veteran pilot. Dodging shots is much more effective than the utter butt-pounding your shields will take. If you have a stealth field, use it as a 100% dodge buff and let your weapons recharge during it.
  8. Eldmor

    What was the best childhood game for you?

    Final Fantasy IX. Got it from PSN a few days for nostalgia and the cut-scenes still hold up to this date.
  9. Guild Wars 2 is filling my soul with the desire for map completion.

  10. Eldmor

    FTL: Faster Than Light

    Absolutely love this game and it definitely puts some new flavor into a familiar rogue-like stew.
  11. Eldmor

    Let's Get Something Straight, People

    I think a Hack/Mine server-style nuke of this section might be warranted.
  12. Eldmor

    Gaming badges for the wall

    Maybe create a public Dropbox or Google Drive with the images inside?
  13. Eldmor

    The Binding of Isaac; Poops for Everyone

    Get the Wrath of the Lamb DLC for sure. +50% more game for $3 is nice. The soundtrack is also stellar. Danny B never disappoints.
  14. How many people play this gem of a game? I've only put 13 hours into it, unlocked all but two characters, and I feel like I haven't even begun the "true game" yet with all of the item unlocking and combinations.
  15. Eldmor

    Roll up! Suggestions, Please!

    Do you have an accent? This could make or break you. Dead serious.