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  1. Have you tried reinstalling vanilla to see if it installs 1.10?
  2. What i have in mind has more details then those mods
  3. I have an idea for a mod that adds in various industrial machines and materials Machines/ multiblock structures Train elevator/turntable inspired by the one in resident evil games requires a big shaft to be built to house it, Goes up and down and can rotate trains. Not sure how to integrate it with a train mods rails, Elevator uses a wall rail to move up and down etc Steel/metal supports would be stairs beams etc. Made from steel and textured to look nice Pneumatic door made of metal and opened via a special keycard and pneumatics Keycard reader used to restrict access to areas via electronic lock Metal door slides into walls Metal door with doorknob can be opened like a regular door but is made of metal and can be locked via a key Concrete comes in blocks panels and segments Tunnel borring machine digs tunnel and lines it with concrete segments and rails Turbine multi block Generates power from water power/ generator built from multiple blocks and creates power depending on power input method Ingot press used to shape metal items into various shapes made of multiple blocks Computer circuit press used to make various computer circuits made of multiple blocks Card writer used to write various cards used to access mag card readers etc. Security system used to lock various doors and systems to control access to areas, integration with various computer mods possible Materials steel Silicone Concrete Rebar (iron ingot shaped into a rod shape and mixed with clay water sand and gravel) Copper Computer circuit
  4. Nei requires code chicken core to work. Id check if it was in mods folder but your modpack can't be downloaded at the moment.
  5. Can you please post a screen shot of this? Otherwise its really confusing to understand what your saying. Try scolling down and see if the pack you want is there.
  6. Iv been trying to generate custom terrain with full support for mod ores but am having no luck. Iv tried the bukkit/forge mod plugin thing that can create custom terrain but it doesn't affect main world on server. I also want to create ore seams on the map. I do have thermal expansion installed if that helps at all.
  7. First off make sure you have a 64 bit java install, Second if you do and technic still wont launch delete and redownload it. Ops didn't see that torezu. Il try not to let it happen again.
  8. I'd say mix both together as you never know what may happen but I mainly play tech packs.
  9. Lex manos released a fix for Java 8 problem try google to find it. As for using bop as I said in another post of yours switch to extrabiomesxl as it will work to generate biomes on server. Bop will give you nothing but problems. I know this as I once helped on a server that used bop and it had major problems because of bop.
  10. First off stop using bop as its broken and could result in map corruption. Switch to extra biomes xl and it will work.
  11. Did the op perhaps apply the wrong bps patch to his 1.6.4 cauldron installer?
  12. Thank you manus for the helpful reply this answered my question.
  13. Is it against technic rules to post a modpack with a mod with anti-technic code in it. Except you have gotten permissions for said mod and an exception added to the mods anti-technic code for your modpack.
  14. Google is your friend, Cauldron was issued a dmca take down but if you look around you can find what you need.
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