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  1. 31trainman

    New Launcher

    How does Insanity launcher sound?
  2. Click me to go to modpack page Server ip is thesociety.eu Server is run by DragonbornSR and Kerts93 Rules No verbal abuse No PvP in main world No griefing No stealing No discrimination No begging No hacking No warping away from pvp No swearing No pvp in main world unless both parties agree to it. TrainCraft is about creating trains and having fun with friends. Server is up 24/7 unless there are bugs or problems. The community that plays on the server is very nice and friendly and very helpful. Link to forms Theres not much to creating a whitelist app except to follow the posted format on the fourms. Link to whitelist format post Here is a picture
  3. oh, I can try to get error to happen again but for some odd reason its not appearing anymore.
  4. Im getting in console some index out of bounds array error, On the client it looks like its related in someway to rei's minimap but im not sure. forge log doesnt show anything of the error.
  5. 31trainman

    Server keeps crashing when opening Console?

    Seems like your logintimes.dat file might be corrupt try deleting it and see if that fixes problem.
  6. 31trainman

    Essentials Error

    Let mcpc plus start and it will create a plugins folder. Pm me if you need any more help.
  7. Id help but you kicked me from the project.
  8. Why was I banned from server and unfriended on skype? Im sorry for any trouble I caused you. Im not sure why I was playing with the weapons when I should of been doing something productive to help the project along. I promise if you let me back in on the project I wont be playing with the mod items on server, but on a sp world.
  9. 31trainman

    People can't see my server

    are your friends part of hamachi network list
  10. 31trainman

    Protection for modern Tekkit?

    To use mcpc + you name it to whatever is named in the file to run your server. For using a hosting service it depends on if the host supports modded server jar files. Pm me if you need more help.
  11. 31trainman

    How to use Tekkit

    um I think for mymcadmin you want to use a custom server jar file. My recommendation if running the latest tekkit is mcpc + for 1.5.2. You then need a mods folder coremods etc.
  12. 31trainman

    Buildcraft and Towny.

    I think theres away to add fake players in towny to fix this but im not sure exactly.
  13. 31trainman

    Redpower Computers are broken i think ...

    last I recall tekkit classic jar was some craftbukkit forge mashup, The op could try asking chicken bones about this error or a mod maker.