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  1. 1.1.2 seems to have the same error too, which is VERY odd. I'll try and look into it myself later.
  2. Google Curse's actions in the WoW fanbase and on Reddit, then make your own opinion.
  3. You're the eleventieth person to ask. Watch my blog for a post which I'll eventually write on it. Overall, it comes to a matter of preference, lightweightness, a dislike of the mechanics FMP introduces and CB being slow at updates.
  4. Down to the point of deliberately lying to you? That's not being an adult, that's being an asshat. I would NEVER keep a liar on any of my servers, no matter how noble his lie would be - and I had this problem sometimes. Also, just because you're 25 or 30 doesn't mean you're mature. I met some people who are in their 20s and can barely keep themselves clean. As I said, a talk with every player beats an age restriction any day. If you want to alienate young people, fine, but they will never learn unless someone teaches them something. If you want to contribute to a society full of asshat
  5. The assets folder is wiped every time. Try putting the fixed sounds into the littleMaidMob .JAR file, but it might not work. Someone should finally go and port LMM from "ModLoader/Forge" to Forge.
  6. Age restrictions /are/ retarded. Speaking from my point of view, more servers should just do simple tests before they accept a player. When I run a server, I tend to have a whitelist. For every person who wants to register, I run a 5-minute conversation with them to get a feel for who they are and what they behave like. If it's a roleplay server, it's also a perfect chance to laugh at their OC give some constructive criticism so they don't make the same mistakes again. Remember, it's easy to ban someone, it's harder to teach someone something.
  7. (Almost) everything works with modpacks if you know how to configure it nowadays. It's not like the 1.2.5 days where every plugin exploded at the mere thought of mods without patches (LWC, LogBlock and WorldEdit were among the patched plugins).
  8. Hey! I'm asie and I make mods. Sometimes. I made a few mods recently: Computronics - adds tape players, chat boxes, iron note blocks, raytracing cameras and a few other niceties to ComputerCraft and OpenComputers, AsieFixes - some tweaks I find nice and Metallurgy compatibility for Foundry and Mekanism, ReCreate - rearranging creative tabs is now easy!, a lot of forks - ports of many mods to 1.7.2, a fork of Chisel that focuses on bugfixing and is used by TPPI. I also made a few mods which are currently abandoned, but if you ask nicely enough I offer support for them: EnderNet - inter-se
  9. This version adds a hard dependency on ForgeMultipart. [...] If that's a problem, please tell me and I'll see what I can do. It, uh, kind of is a problem. I'm one of the last people not to use Forge Multipart and that's not likely to change - is there a chance for making the FMP-specific changes optional? (If needed, I can do the necessary work myself). Also, this fork would really use an integration with OpenFrames - a RiM fork done by the OpenComputers community.
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