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  1. So, the thing is that i have made a modpack. It is working perfectly fine and my server is feeling well too. Still, when you use something for a long time, you will start noticing the need of updates, And here is the problem: when i change the version of my modpack and provide another download link for the modpack, the old version disappears. The question is: is there any way to make at least 2 versions of your modpack available to choose from in the launcher?
  2. Yeah, sorry, i wrote my statement wrong. I meant: how to make LittleMaidMobSounds work using Technic launcher? As of my 1.6.2 version,i tried using path "AppDataRoaming.technicmodpacksMYMODPACKassetsvirtuallegacy", but it doesn't seem to change anything
  3. So, i decided to create a modpack based on MC 1.6.2. And i got excited about LittleMaidsMob mod by Maocat. It installed perfectly and there were no problems with it. But those who have used this mod, know that it has a smal disadvantage - sounds. To be precise, all maid sounds are ghast sounds. Still, Maocat has made a sound fix, which works fine on normal MC(considering i "forged" it). The question is: where should i place the fix so that mod will read it and replace the sounds?
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