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  1. Not all the devices are chunk loaded no. The quarry is , and it tells you in the console that it do so.
  2. Check that you didn't set to full power the vertical compensation option too
  3. As you were not telling us witch script was making this error I looked at both on line 22 ... on is "end" and the other "sleep(1)" So I assumed that the issue was here, and I was too fast to answer because in fact the link I gave you will not help you at all sorry , my mistake ... I think the issue stand in the way you concatenate on line 21 though ... but I'm not an expert in lua and I don't really have time for now sorry .... Furthermore I don't think this is the place to ask as this isn't related directly to tekkit even though you use it in tekkit ^^ But for computer craft relate
  4. That is awsome !!! Thanks for the info. And about the connections, pipes,tesseracts and settings that was obvious ^^
  5. As a principle when you call a function that doesn't need a parameter you should add () afterwards. For instance : fAmount = reactor.getFuelAmount should be : fAmount = reactor.getFuelAmount() An example of code that was working before the changes as an example : local t = "Big Reactor Status: "..active.. --"~/Active: "..tostring(reactor.getActive()).. "~/Temperature: Fuel="..reactor.getFuelTemperature().." Casing="..reactor.getCasingTemperature().. "~/Fuel: "..reactor.getFuelAmount().." / Waste: "..reactor.
  6. Does MFFS work to replicate a Turbine though ?
  7. I agree, but also bear in mind that wiki's update is the responsibility of nobody but everyone can update the things with their findings. Some mod authors are using technicpack wiki as the official one for their mods but not all of them. So if people have some spare time to update the wiki they are warmly welcome.
  8. Oops , post edited and link corrected. And yes John : WELCOME TO TEKKIT !
  9. Yep, But then I'm wondering because if we put 37 block of enderium + one block of copper (for example), we get more power but we are going under 1800 RPM, so I'm wondering if , after all, we don't really care about being at optimal speed when we size turbine correctly and produce more power with less RPM. Or maybe that for this given reactor setup (that's output 8125 mb/t at maximum) I should size my turbines based on 1625 mb/t each ( 8125 / 5 ) instead of sizing my turbine based on 2000 mb/t + a little one for the spare 125 mb/t. This will make me able to adjust all turbines to optimal sp
  10. Hi John827, The main thing to do is setting up the basic ^^ (food, storage, energy, etc...) obvious... and for the rest it's mainly depends on what kind of guy you are : Builder, technician, adventurer, fighter, etc... But your not the only one to ask such things on the forum so there is some post that could help you to find your way. Here some example : TEKKIT PROGRESSION (FROM START TO END GAME) NEED A GOAL TO MAKE PLAYING FUN Curunir answer in "ENERGY GENERATION" topic POWERING MACHINERY .... and many more This are some examples but there is then a lot to read in Tekkit Discus
  11. Hehe, seeing my setup as bugged you =) Yes I have 4 turbines as you saw, and my calculated setup is 4 full enderium coils plus 4 blocks on the fifth one + 1 copper block based on this table I have made based on the wiki information. Definitively as you've said 38 is too much and 37 is even too much as well.
  12. I test a thing though : I just added a block of enderium in the free space in my non-complete ring and with less rpm I got more power ... I have to think more about that
  13. So ... In fact .. 1800 RPM is not better than more if still in the green part I think.. look at the screenshot below : It doesn't looks like 1800 RPM is better than more regarding power output. I have a slight doubt now about my calculations for turbine design .... I use a 27 blocks high turbine including exactly 80 blades and 4 full coils of enderium block and a fifth coil with 4 Enderium blocks and 1 Copper block. This because I would like my turbine to be configuration free -> 2000 mb/t flow and producing efficiently. Do you see anything wrong here ?
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