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  1. In game name: wargodsown Age:25 Location: pheonix ,AZ Minecraft experience to date: been playing with minecraft for quite a while. tekkit experience is fairly good i moved to running on custom modded servers after about 2 months of tekkit and currently host my own custom modded server. Why do you want to play on our server? just like to roll around and meet new people see what other people have come up with. my server is curently waiting for red power 2 to update to 1.3.2 before we do a world reset and i am currently at the extent of what i want to do before a reset lol. mostly i just wanna be able to hop on roll around mine some stuff talk to peeps and well your server seems small and friendly i don't know if id be so trusting of players lol but hey more pwoer to you. anywho hope to hear from you. if you are full then cheers and have a good one.
  2. just wondering if i could get into the server. i can see my post i had in the chat.

  3. its a whitelist server i like to pick who i let on . i pay for it to be hosted so id like to have time to have fun and play for what i pay for so i let a few people on at a time we will be upgradeing to a 22 slot server in the next week i hope when my server provider releases the next set of servers. if you wanna se what im talking about go here http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/the-motherland-smp-10-slot-server.19573/
  4. hhmmmm no clue well i added redpower to the op txt and manadged to get it to deploy a bucket of water gonna check on bonemeal and other things in a lil bit am busy setting up the spawn are for my server so when i upgrade and add more people it will be smoother.
  5. ok well ill give it a try and hope it works on my server but why would it cause it to bbe broken in single player as well?
  6. so im adding that to my op txt in the op file or where else would i add it?
  7. Title: broken deployers Version: 3.1.2 OS: windows 7 Java Version: 64 Description of Problem: i have tried this on both ssp and smp deployers will not deploy anyhting they will recieve items but not deploy them so the deployer inventory fill up then stops. has anyone else encounterd this yet and if so has anyone found a fix yet. Error Messages: Error Log:
  8. apparently not im also haveing the same problem in both smp and ssp
  9. i am haveing the same problem myself just started happening as well