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  1. Hi after going through this with our tekkit servers I can definitively say that this is the easiest thing you can possibly do and it works. What you should do is get an outsourced worker to set up xen‎ with solusvm‎ then you can create high performance vps's using your browser allocate dedicated ram and hd space to each server and each server runs in it's own container if one server has a melt down and has a stack overflow it won't affect other servers running in memory as xen virtual machine isolates each virtual server into it own dedicated memory Do not be tempted use openvz as it runs it's vps's without isolating each instance in memory ( I found this out the hard way ) Don't think this is hard it is stupid simple once in operation I can create a server to host or test on in 5 minutes start it stop it reboot it (boots linux in 3 seconds ) host multi player shooter on one if I want all without affecting the Tekkit or feed the beast servers We are winding down operations and no longer run large player base now we are just in it for the fun with a few loyal members If you want more info just let me know
  2. We have been running tekkit classic for a year or so now I have just started running the new tekkit server for the last week or so and I can't say that it's all that popular I personally don't like it much not as a main server anyhow! With so many other mod packs out now it has some stiff competition I get users from our Feed the Beast server saying things like "is that all its got" I also have people wanting classic back I am also searching for solutions for problems that are going to inevitably occur without much luck so far except for banning items. I am seriously looking at Tekkit classic with all fixes and some extra mods thrown in to spice it up a little after all our current classic server runs unassisted for weeks on end without problems and users appreciate that they can build without constant map resets. You may very well find a good niche with an anarchy server but have you thought about a custom mod pack? Including things like Turret mod just a thought. One other thing to consider is with tekkit 1.0.6 being so new it may be a non stop upgrade headache as well with bug fixes and so no I haven't done a comparison with memory usage with old vs new tekkit but it is not overbearing like FTB it is quite lite so you won't have trouble running it on the same gear as classic
  3. If your using the grief prevention plugin you will need to disable it until pipes are built or do something like /trust buildcraft in the claim
  4. Provided you have enough memory I agree with D3matt we ran our backup vps with 25 players with just 0.7ghz x4 allocated for a month with 3 gig allocated to the tekkit server map I think disk access was starting to become an issue but a lot of people commented on how good the server was running with no lag. I know that a lot of australian tekkit servers are not running on any where near the hardware that they claim either as I chatted with the admin from one so called Aussie tekkit server on my website I use quick chat with quick flag enabled as a chat room, the owner was flagged in the uk and the admin was in the philippines and he quotes the server specifications of the host server not the specifications of his vps. So don't judge a tekkit server by it quoted specifications or what it plays like either we deliberately ran three tekkit servers into lagg and our quad core xeon was only at 4% load with no ill effects on a fourth server this was done in some early testing that was carried out to better understand the relationship between cpu, java, memory and tekkit. I think a good tekkit server is 80-90 percent good "server guy admin" tekkit is not minecraft a tekkit server can go all wrong within seconds of an idiot getting his hands on something that he shouldn't I seen it happen when we shut our vps down we enabled creative mode to place signs telling people that we moved and within 20 seconds some idiot run the server into lag I'm kicking another server in the guts soon I'm tekkit server name challenged I wanted an aussie name so I came up with spinifex :/ @ it's not up as yet no big rush I'm going to hone our signup prosess a little in an efort to eleviate the idiot player factor as much as possible still chasing that perfict sever I guess
  5. That has happened to us as well without notice dropped from 4 cores to 1 screwed up the whole game then switched to another provider after about 2 months he did an upgrade only after the upgrade we suddenly run into cpu lag took us a little while to find out what was happening. We will be running hunger games periodically on the same system running under a different server so I am still brushing up on what runs on what core Thanks for the input
  6. Thanks prenetic this is very helpful more than I can express I feel a lot more confident going into this setup now that I can preserve things from a better perspective This explains some anomalies we had in our previous setup. @ Imabigbot yes this is an Australian tekkit server keep up to data at At this stage we will run with nukes quarries world anchor disabled the primary Tekkit server will be limited to 15-20 responsible players be allocated 4-6 gigs ram that leaves us plenty for shenanigans with hunger games and so on
  7. Tekkit screams with a few optimizations to the JVM I really really want to know what optimizations you are referring to so I can get server guy matt onto it you could post in this
  8. Looking at what I have done in the past 1 gig is struggle town 1.5 is adequate with the occasional restart 2 gigs for a small server is cruising. 1 thing I did learn the hard way is that is that when the server runs into trouble people will disappear quickly Do the endgame then let the extra people on when its less critical In this post someone stated that ran 30 on 1.6 gig? :/
  9. On the vps that we ran we had no trouble at all running on 1.5 gig restarting it every 2-3 days upgraded to 2.5 gig no need to restart ran for 2 months 5 people But that was with a tight nit community I want to get up to 30 people for a Australian Tekkit server I am asking a similar question but not getting the response I was hoping for The vps had 4 gigs Tekkit had dedicated 2.5
  10. We are setting up a new server we have run minecraft and tekkit in the past on vps servers using ubuntu but had a lot of trouble with bad vps service providers so we are starting a dedicated server This server will be a tight community and will be running at least two or three tekkit servers My questions are mainly about performance we will be running a xeon hyperthreded quad core @ a little over 3 ghz with about 12 gigs ram allocated to running tekkit maps I want to limit the number of players on each map (server) to stop creating a big mess and give them room to do what they wish I am a little unsure of how many servers to run and how many people to limit each server to and should we consider switching to debian Any discussion would be appreciated Thanks