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  1. Redwheat is grown in light levels 10, past that it's luck. EDIT: Oh and the crop matrons work 1 block up and down. So it can be in the floor if you want
  2. I am so up for this if I can join in. IGN: LetsHunt I can do everything except ComputerCraft and Railcraft. I know redpower but I don't really use it, so let's say I am learned but not as experienced as I could be.
  3. Are they actually disappearing or are they visually disappearing, i.e the items still go in the chest, but are visually disappearing in the pipes.
  4. If you don't uninstall all of java 6 it doesn't matter if you have java 7. Check to make sure you don't have them both, because that's usually where this error arises from.
  5. Uninstall all of Java 6; intall Java 7. Alternatively drag nether ores out of the pack and run.
  6. I think is version he is putting out as the tekkit compatible version is .942. It might be a case of the cart got before the horse. I'll check it out later today when I get the chance and see if that was the case.
  7. I have been unable to make this mod work with Tekkit 3.1.2. Although the author says hes going to update it when he gets back, but I can't get the buy functions to work, everything else is working fantastic.