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  1. It's an NVIDIA 840M. 1GB dedicated.
  2. I do but my GPU is the default. Thanks though!
  3. Optifine got me around 45 FPS. I can so live with that. Thanks again!
  4. I feel like a noob, thanks for the help though. By drivers what do you mean? And where can I find them? I'll definitely try optifine too.
  5. So I just got my new laptop for college- nice machine- 16GB of RAM, dedicated card with 1GB of memory, Intel i7. First thing I did on it was install x32 and x64 Java and download the Technic Launcher (didn't even install vanilla because the Launcher can do that as well). Ran Voltz for the first time with 8GB dedicated and I was only getting around 20 FPS. Restarted with 12GB dedicated and no change was noticeable. Next I created a default world, and the additional terrain to render caused the FPS to drop to around 10. Is it just me, or is something up? The specs don't seem to match the perform
  6. Got this crash report after trying to launch a missile in the latest Voltz version (3.0.0c): Not a big deal because this build isn't recommended yet, but I would like to be able to launch missiles ASAP! Thanks!
  7. Does anyone have a way to contact AstronautCreeper? If so please ask him about why the server has been down for so long and post our findings here. Thanks! (Life without this server is so boring )
  8. Your server's been down for a couple of days. Is there a place you post info on it or not?

  9. Launcher Version: Latest (I think Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Java Version: 1.7.0_05 b-06 Antivirus Program: Windows Firewall Description of Problem: When I click the launcher file (It's the .JAR type) it loads, displays the banner, and freezes on the banner. I have to manually end the java process to get it to close. I tried creating the batch file as suggested on other threads, but it didn't work. I also tried the .EXE launcher, but it just displays a pop-up which says "Checking server version" then closes. Any suggestions will be tried and greatly appre
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