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  1. IGN: nodnarbtocs Age: 19 Reason: I want to be part of a whole again, and have a tekkit family <3 I've been away from Tekkit online for too long Have you read the rules: Do chicken's lay eggs? If yes, there's your answer. If no, go to the happy house, do not pass go, do not collect $200 Tekkit Experience: Too much @[email protected]
  2. ok I tried clearing my cache and I've run into a problem I run into when using any of the newest builds of minecraft that gives me an 'update failed' message. The problem is this is minecraft 1.2.5...that's not one I've run into it with.
  3. I can connect to other servers fine; is the ip not as it is on the front page? srry, i meant could it be a specific port?
  4. IGN: Nodnarbtocs Minecraft Experience: Close to two/two and a half years Mod you would like seen added: Thaumcraft3! Why you should be whitelisted (5 sentences minimum): As I mentioned in my (incorrect) app, I could bring new ideas and a fairly nice personality to the server. Again I might say I have had a bad day but I leave my attitude at the door always. No block penises obviously, that's just plain wrong. I am willing to help other people with creations/houses/general knowledge of other mods, etc. etc. Also, minecraft is a part of my life. I've been away from minecraft for maybe a few weeks since tekkit classic came out, but I've been server hunting and looking for a group of people wishing to call me 'family.' Previous Bans: Again I don't have perminant bans, but I did get a temp ban/block/whatever you want to call it over some child's play fighting about a diamond block. What you intend to do on the server: (Minimum of 5 sentences): Help others, play nice, and build a kick ass castle/base of operations with indentured serv-I mean friends. <.< >.> ... But nah, I do intend to try and contribute to the group and be part of a greater whole.I really can't think of anything I haven't mentioned prior to this already other than after spending some time on the server, learning the lay of the land I'd be willing to offer some help as a mod, supporter, builder, or whatever you guys want to shove me with so long as it's not cleaning up the cow poo. Ha!
  5. IGN: Nodnarbtocs Tekkit experience: I have played on a number of servers as well as solo for maybe close to a year. Most known mod: This is a real hard one; I know IC2 off the top of my head and I rarely if ever have to refer to NEI for Redpower Why you should be whitelisted on this server: why should anybody? *laughs* but in all seriousness I could bring new ideas and a great personality to the server. Leaving the attitude at the door isn't hard at all, I might say I've had a bad day, leave it at that. Previous bans and why you were banned: Ban-ed? Don't think I've ever been banned as in PERMANENTLY banned. Kicks+Temp bans..once, when a guy and I were fighting over some bullshit (I won't drag the details into this) but it was like a twenty minute time out.
  6. I think this is a great idea in it's basic design and would be pretty nice to expand on. The only problem I see is that volts has a mod that does this already.
  7. How I do make Nitor?

  8. Usually Nox or Alium Deathtrap 13. Fear the lord Singulo and god Sarah, she will make you see things :3 Also rarely on teh yogstation but it's very hectic 24/7 there. One word of warning; Alium has whitelist and you can't be atmosia, only one guy is allowed that because everyone else apparently likes to mix the air with Plasma and so he not trusts them. Oh, and 8 hour shifts result in godly shenanigans. :3
  9. I can profess that this game is actually fun! As long as the nobody decides to flood the atmos pipes with fricken plasma. I would love to see this game develop into something even better than is, like more food recipies and space chems! Also wonder if you could make a 3D of this :3
  10. @Cristari01 I think your problem is because some things still aren't supported by PureBDcraft, like forcefields. Some blocks simply aren't supported by it as of yet. I've thought about doing that myself.
  11. This is a very interesting newspaper; more coffee please.

  12. Nod narb

    EMC Pipes

    Quite right my good man. I do wonder though what these wires will look like. If they'll be all colorful and fun looking as the children of today enjoy, or bland like a bad business. I do so hope it's the prior. My god what has happened to me since I became a business cat?