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  1. Nothing I can say adds anything that has not already been said by the rest of the people in the thread. They are telling the truth bro.
  2. Oh yeah, nearly forgot. Conker's Bad Fur Day/The Xbox remake. My god that was brilliant. Opera singing poo, matrix/saving private Ryan parody, pissing on fire demons, a shrill voiced grim reaper named Greg, breaking the fourth wall to the nth degree.... If you have an N64 or an Xbox, BUY THIS NOW.
  3. I think a couple people have tried making 3D or HD versions, and they all seem to fail. Still, what server do you play on?
  4. Wow, really? What were the difficult parts? I never could get past mission 2 of China, but the USA I never found difficult.
  5. Forbidden.exe. A game that is kinda like Lose/Lose except that of you lose your hard drive gets formatted.
  6. Generals, oh man. That was one of the most effective times inks ever. I could probably complete that GLA campaign in Zero Hour with my eyes closed.
  7. Oh Jesus, Tiberian Sun. Those were the days... LIKE was trying to go through the Firestorm campaign recently actually.
  8. Oh god. Dose blind dudes were annoying as he'll.
  9. Correct. Munches oddeysee had crap like health restoratives and super jump and zappers.
  10. The forge dudes are making a BTW copy, except in forge. FC shits out more drama, everybody moves on and lols.
  11. Command. And. Conquer. Red alert and the original. On the PSX of course. I remember raging so hard when my bro beat me in a lanned match in 3 minutes where he stole my flag.
  12. Stranger's wrath was pretty good, but certainly very few played it. Quite different from the rest, no sligs or glukkons, only those weird chicken things.
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