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  1. Everytime Tekkit starts whether its from manual start by copying everything into .minecraft or just by launcher or .jar itll stay white, flash back then stay white. This is annoying as I have an almost identical machine that was running linux & could boot up Tekkit. Specs: 2.8Ghz Pentium 4 Dual Core 1.5 GB RAM 910GL Onboard GFX I couldn't find any error reports. Also tried downgrading to JAVA 6, nothing. Also MC will work with my hardware acceleration turned down but Tekkit won't. My drivers are fully updated.
  2. The airship requires enough space to manoeuvre so yeah.
  3. Yeah it is more current but you're right some parts of the forum are just slower than others.
  4. I can use the transparency tool too.
  5. NinjaStyle

    EMC Pipes

    The ability to say you helped developed EE3 would be massive bragging rights...
  6. Yeah, I thought the higher up the list of the page the more current it was. I'm believing that theres constantly new topics.
  7. The quarry might use 22.5eu/t but an Energy Link will take I think 77eu/t or something silly like that. I never thought of doing that Wendo. You are a gentleman & a scholar.
  8. A spawner that spawns eggs that spawn mobs Ok, elaborate.
  9. Goddamn it thats 2 in one day I only look at how high up he topic is on the list not its date sorry.
  10. I would suggest it but make sure you can fill it at the same rate as the Energy Link takes EU.
  11. You gotta realize that an Energy Link eats loads of EU. Maybe a batbox jsut isn't enough.
  12. Oh crap I didn't evne see the psot date sorry. I jsut saw it high up in a topic list so I thoguht it was recent.
  13. If you add a way to play your own music then possibly.
  14. Welcome to the Technic Forums! On topic I don't know what you're trying to say. Did you add a mod that lets you create mob eggs?
  15. NinjaStyle

    EMC Pipes

    Come to think of it maybe when EE3 comes out & is a bit more fair on other mods the developer or someone else could add an EMC cable which would be expensive but look extremely cool with glowing sparkly EMC flowing throguh it
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