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  1. I've been out of the loop for some time, so I apologize if I'm asking stupid questions. As far as I can tell, Tekkit no longer runs on Bukkit. So Bukkit land/chest protection plugins no longer work, obviously. So... how am I supposed to run a server? Is there a Forge land protection mod I should install?
  2. If someone could tell me how to do it, it'd also be greatly appreciated. Do I just do the whole thing old-style? Uhh. Does anyone remember how to do that?
  3. *clears throat loudly* EDIT: Oh wait, turtles are banned? Never mind then.
  4. In Game Name: schilcote (all lowercase) Age: b10000 (or 0x10) Would i find your name on a banlist on MCbans? Nope! Why do you like to play Tekkit lite? Why not? It challenges my mind. Why this server? First one in the list that sounded good.
  5. Looking for players for a PVP series. Must have strong technical skills. No-one under fifteen.
  6. And I didn't even have to scrub any floors. Now, all I need are players. I can probably get my one buddy to team up with me, so then I'd need two more for the opposition, plus a referee. Or, I could ref, and I'd then need four players. And video editing software.
  7. Your omnipotence(s)! Have mercy! *bonks head against the floor for a while*
  8. That was my first thought, but then I wondered if it was just for actual links to videos. Ah well.
  9. Wasn't sure of the best place to put this, so I figured I'd stick it here for now. Anyway, a while ago I was thinking of doing a modded minecraft PVP video series, with an emphasis on reconnaissance and information gathering instead of swordplay. We'd start with two teams, probably two players each to start with, and they would each be given one of eight Mystcraft ages created by the referees and given some starting resources so they could skip the tree-punching and get straight to the action (alternatively, we could give them half an hour or so in Creative mode). Neither team would know where the other is at first. They'd have to explore the ages (might give them all the books right from the get go, but it might also be interesting to have the books hidden in other ages...) to find the enemy, and while they're doing that they'd build up their base for when they themselves are found. Once the teams find eachother, they would then attack eachother, trying to get into eachother's fortress and kill the members of the opposing team. Each player would be allowed to respawn three times after being killed by the enemy outside the fort (mob/accident deaths wouldn't count), but if you're killed inside the fort you're out immediately. The game would end when all the members of one team were out, and the last team standing would win. The idea is that the series would focus on technology more than fighting; the teams would have to try to out-clever eachother to win instead of just rushing at eachother and left-clicking. Each player would record his gameplay and then send it to the referees, who would edit it and upload it after the game was over. Anyone else find this idea interesting? I proposed it on the FTB and plain Minecraft forums, but got no interest there. It seems like a really neat idea to me; plus with the Technic Platform it'd be easy to get a custom modpack to all the players.
  10. It *should*, but it may not. I never actually tested it in multiplayer. Record it if you can!
  11. No, but there is a 99.99% chance that it will work anyway, since the latest version is just a few bugfix updates and ought to be entirely compatible with older version maps.
  12. Hey, the server seems to think I'm not whitelisted. Should I just wait a while?
  13. You're very welcome. (mods should totally sticky this as an example of how to be awesomely helpful. totally.)
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