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  1. Name: J Age: I really dont like telling people IGN: CinderellaManVid Tekkit Exp: I have been playing for at least a year and I have been playing on lots of whitelisted lately but they have all shut down or been non 24/7 and im very exited to start fresh!! Thanks!!! Also Google Docs isnt working sorry!
  2. IGN:CinderellaManVid Age:I dont like puting thst out there Reason For Joining: I am tired of getting griefed on public server and just want to play in peace Have I red the rules:Yes I think there great! Tekkit experiance: Since about the beggining
  3. IGN: CinderellaManVid reason for wanting to become a member: I love playing tekkit and i always get griefed so i will fianlly be able to show everyone what ive done!!! Why we should exept you: Im a layed back person who loves building!!! I never grief because i hate when people do it to me!!!
  4. IGN: CinderellaManVid About Me: Ilove using EE and buiding underwater bases! Location:Dont want to say Why i wont to join: Looks amazing and im tired of being griefed!! All the plugins are amazing as well!!
  5. IGN: CinderellaManVid About me: I always get griefed on all the recent servers and im trying to find a good one? Location: Mountain
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