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  1. A support ticket has been logged now and I am waiting on a response on why the box wont boot and was shutdown... EDIT: Server back up srry for the outage
  2. This Server Requires Tekkit 3.1.2 This is a 24/7 PvP Tekkit server based around Factions and an Economy. You are allowed to Grief people, steal from people and kill people Server: mc.ZeePal.net Server IP: Cheating/Hacking will not be tolerated! Spawn Town This server is located in Las Vegas (USA West Coast). The latency is only 190ms from Melbourne with an ADSL connection. Bukkit Plugins: EnderPortalFix_Tekkit (Written by Owner) Essentials EssentialsGeoIP Factions (Custom Version)
  3. I have made a forum over at Bukkit to prevent further hijacking of this thread (http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/jobz/forum/). Sorry Sarlarion! P.S. @Greedseed: What data do you want stored in an SQL? (I use mcMMO levels at this stage to remove a player from having multiple levels for the same "Skill", should I change this?)
  4. I have created my own Jobz plugin designed to have full Tekkit 3.1 support! Please feel free to comment on how I can improve it. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/jobz/
  5. Thank you! I didnt want to put MV on my server just for this purpose so I throw together a small one fix. @matejdro I normally just run and duck from the dragon more of a challenge! (try typing DUCK! very quickly in chat...)
  6. I have created a plugin today to fix this problem as I have it on my servers too. Plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/enderportalfix_tekkit/
  7. Thank you thats very helpful but I havent been able to find any documenation abt Tekkit and its changes to Bukkit like adding these materials on runtime... I have however ran the following while tekkit is running: Material temp = Material.getMaterial(140); for (Material current : temp.getClass().getEnumConstants()) { getLogger().info("Material: " + current); } I have now got a full list of Materials that tekkit 3.1.2 uses. However I dont think I can set Nether Iron in McJobs for example (135:3) as X135 would be nether coal and for example Material.getMaterial("X135:3")return
  8. I have done investigation and testing but I am unable to get copper ore for example working only the vanilla items work and thats by default. Google shows nothing with mcjobs and logblocks working together for tekkit. It seems the plugin (McJobs) uses material names only from bukkit classes which to my knowledge tekkit hasn't add their items to the list as I cant find an updated list of names, I have checked the material class file in Tekkit.jar and cant see copper in there for example where I can see iron like the normal bukkit class file and even if they did update it I dont think th
  9. How do you setup logblock with MCJobs to get this to work? I have been unable to figure it out... EDIT: A quick howto or guide would be lovely! as Google and forum searching finds nothing :'(
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