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  1. ace'd it all $50.70 UK but wacky definitely would like them but that much on post O.O
  2. striping right above bedrock then when i get one a quarry then i turn them quarry holes in to the foundations of crazy buildings.
  3. cause i like to build things with out all the complicity of a 3d modeling program this is a game that takes u away from the world in its current messed up state
  4. ftb hummmmmmmm to be honest Tekkit was there before ftb, i know it, i didn't have the best pc in the world ftb I got 1-2 fps witch is in playable Tekkit i got 10-15 fps haven't tried ftb on the new pc but i know and trust this mod pack. Also i don't like ftb's attitude
  5. make a massive star wars death star that moves that goes from bed rock to the build legit in survival mode and fully in case your world in it so you never have to leave this flying fortress except to go and scout what area your going to destroy next with your fully auto nuke cannon (last part is a fully functional fleet of rp frame flyers
  6. Launcher Version: Operating System: 32 bit win xp Java Version: java 7 update 9 Antivirus Program: avg Description of Problem: will only let me allocate 512mb, 1gb and 1536mb of ram i want to allocate 2 or more if recommended to fix the problem Error Messages: minecraft has run out of memory Error Log:
  7. no not individual frames but rather a ring of frames go to about 0:45 on this video, the idea was if I could make fames do this they would drag a complicated structure around
  8. I can't get motors to rotate it, they just move it in a small circle!!
  9. hey messing around in RP and was trying t make a massively overcomplicated completely pointless building and was thinking of making a observatory witch rotated ect so i tried making it like a vanilla piston array but for some reason pistons wont push frames is there a reason for this and also a way around it?
  10. don't record my self but sounds like your leaving no ram for the recording program witch is switching over to virtual
  11. o i thought this n was for design
  12. yea lag "bombs" re the way to go
  13. RP2 block breakers brake lots of crystal chests full of course simultaneously sever wide lag bomb infinet range have fun mods
  14. running a dokucraft texture pack but is missing rail-craft and have found textures for it where and what would youu name the ?GUI?
  15. or be a awesome cookie and use RP