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  1. Sure, we may never know. But surely the reason this thread is here to try and find out the reason? So do me and Dan While it's true that there are other solutions (regardless of how difficult they are to use) I cannot see a valid reason for them to remove it by default - it isn't even in the latest Technic packs - and it is 1.4.6 ready and has been since the day 1.4.6 came out.
  2. If it was conflicts with other mods, then you wouldn't be able to add it in with no errors ComputerCraft doesn't conflict with any mods that I know of - we've certainly got no reports of it and it is included in some FTB packs, which does have lots more mods than Tekkit Lite.
  3. Definitely not due to permission issues. Both dan200 and myself have no problem with it being in the pack - the license for ComputerCraft states that it can be used in modpacks without any permission. I will join you in asking "Why no ComputerCraft"!
  4. There is only one new block ID. Now that forge has 4096 ID's built in, it should be easy to find a free ID.
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