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  1. Has it never occurred to anyone that the server has been shut down for a looong time? I'm talking January February ish when the new host started losing popularity rapidly, and the Hack/Mine server went down with it. I may look into reviving some interest in H/M now that I've acquired a vastly more capable computer. Maybe some day. But either way, final reminder, this is dead, don't try getting in. Try neonshift, if they eventually update versions. Good server and staff.
  2. I think it's safe to say that this server is closed, if you're getting can't resolve hostname. That means the IP itself is broken, most likely meaning the server is permanently closed.
  3. Check out our other four servers too - PvE, Anarchy, Hack/Mine (With a custom coded bukkit-type modification by the name of NagaPick that allows us to import bukkit plugins), and AdventureTech (adt for short), an amazing modpack by glixyl consisting of over 50 mods including but not limited to Metallurgy, Forgotten Nature, InvTweaks, Twilight Forest, Factorization, Buildcraft, NEI, Optifine, Iron Chests, Rei's minimap... the list is endless! Reference links: launcher.aegisgaming.org <-- Find everything you need, including AdventureTech, here! glixyl.wordpress.com/adventuretech/ <-- Mod list and general info!
  4. End of stream means either the server is offline for some reason or you simply failed to connect due to poor internet, etc. For those having trouble connecting, make sure you click options > Always use DEV builds so that your client is set to 0.6.0. The REC build, 0.5.3, is also Minecraft Official Release 1.2.3, which may be what is confusing several people. Edit: A lot of times logging out of the server and logging back in causes end of streams - The best you can do is continue trying, or possibly restart your Hack/Mine client completely.
  5. Hey Lim! Take a look around, we did reset the player files unfortunately but there's a ton more new features that were coded by Kyle including spawn protection against poison (Still in testing at the moment), North is for PvP and South is PvE and area levels on the north are quadrupled > Oh, and moderators are much more active now, especially with me being one lol
  6. I am quite interested in bringing some traffic back here, it's about time that we make a new thread for Aegis (I will leave that to Funbob and Firelord) because this really is a great server and right now this thread is completely outdated and full of untrue things such as the server being incredibly laggy. BTW player.dat MAY be deleted and started again from scratch due to everyone from vertigo having a large advantage over other players, but swing by anyway as we have a large amount of features not found in other places.
  7. @Everyone, the server has successfully been switched to aegisgaming.org, the new IP is hackmine.aegisgaming.org and all player.dats have been transferred so if you used to play on Vertigo, all your gear and levels are saved! The new server also has 0 lag and quickly gets 70-80 players at peak times, admins are now much more active and overall a better experience!
  8. Pretty bad server IMO. Advertises custom coding but all it is is whispering and sethome to be honest. No spawn protection, nobody responded to my questions, and as soon as I tried to leave spawn I was killed immediately (this happened several times). Not to mention that everyone is fairly weak for having spent so much time on here.
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