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  1. Well all my regular servers have members on them :/ And i can never log onto the minecraft website, my Mac hates it
  2. Im Looking to Build a Solar Panal Factory Using Redpower Tubes and Non EE My plan is to manufacture everything required to First make Solars, and then Eventually Lv, MV and HV Arrays Looking to work in a space of about 40 x 40 But Height Isnt an issue Was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on layout ?? Screenshots from a factory youve made, or Video would also be appreciated if possible ?? Just i started planning it and got extremly confused pretty quickly XD
  3. Servers arnt down thou.... I have checked Live maps for 5 Servers and there are 20+ people (out of 50) on them all !! Its a Technic Launcher Issue
  4. That would be a cool Minecraft build, But in real life, its an Ugly as Sin Building lol.....
  5. Realisticly, It doesnt take that long to get stuff if you know what your doing Its just a Suggestion as the lag seems to be getting worse in game ok the server isnt dying all the time like before, But there is more block lag... and the day / night cycle is just haywire.. Its more a last resort sort of option thou..
  6. Ok i seem to have it all running smoothly again Think it was something to do with my Java Was on Server earlier thou and there was MASSIVE server lag Seems to be getting worse I know its drastic action, and Alot of people might not like the idea, But possibly consider a World Restart ? It would Be a new Seed, No lag causing items, and could ban the Lag causing items from the beginning (watch of flowing time, Nukes, Anchors act) so that there isnt any issues ?? Im not saying do it, im just saying it could be an option ? Im not 100% keen on loosing everything, but it is also ni
  7. Well i am getting on now.. But getting Lag.. And also Getting kicked.. so cant really do much So might consider doing that. Ill try log on and Empty my bags so i dont loose anything as im pretty sure my inventory is full
  8. Well that just sucks God Damn English !!1!! (Oh wait.. I am English) God Damn English !!!!! On the upside I got on earlier for like 20 seconds.... (go me) then BOOM gone.... Seems to only be this server thou... Gonna try remove Tekkit and reinstall.. Only thing left to do i guess Bye bye Bookmarks
  9. Ah ok.. That sucks ?? Might be worthwhile looking into WorldGuard or some plugins to help sort issues like this ?? Also thanks for sorting the ice Appreciate it What you think of the House ?
  10. Never said it was anyones fault lol It just didnt work as planned lol So going to get it sorted And i didnt say anything because i thought it might of been issues with the server, But after a week of it happening, Its pretty clear its on my end as no one else here has reported issues Also is it possible there is a Watch of Flowing Time in use ?? as thats also a good way to mess stuff up lol Could KS just change all world anchors into Dirt ? (i dont know how, but i know you can use the Item codes to change 1 item into another)
  11. Also Did this ever get sorted ?? Or is it just the End of the world starting to take affect for the Mayan Calander Ending :)
  12. I cant get on the server :/ havnt been able to get on all week Just says Connection refused o.O why ?? Also could an Admin please go to my (new) house and world edit all the ice away please ?? I tried using a terraformer but it just screwed everything up lol So please.. remove the ice and water and replace the water so its a fountain along the base Ty
  13. Title: Rei's Minimap Overlapping On Itself Version: 3.1.2 OS: Mac OS X Version 10.7.5 Java Version: Version 7 Update 9 Description of Problem: My Minimap in Game Overlaps each Set of Chunks upon Each other.. Effectivly Rendering my Minimap Useless The Map only Loads 1 Setion at a time, and If i Show the Large map, it just has all the sections Overlapping I dont recieve any Error Log Or Messages Error Messages: Error Log:
  14. I noticed that Tekkit 3 has been released, Are you going to be swapping the World over to the new updates ?? Or starting a new world or what ?? Also, I agree with v00, im more than happy to start reporting mark, He is just wasting everyones time now
  15. KS7 (The server owner) Is really busy at moment, So might be worth While Sending Epyon (Matt W.) A Message on here with a more detailed Server application He is one of the Server Admins Also Just ignore anything Marka says, He just being a big kid because he ws caught out being a griever and got banned
  16. And anyone who was not a complete kid would of grown the fuck up and moved on your not getting back on the server, now give it a rest, Its gone from being funny to just being pathetic So grow up.
  17. Ok i think im in Love with these What would it take to Get a FF7 - Sephiroth Drawn ?? Or Sephiroth / Cloud Sephiroth / Cloud + Arieth ?? Would Love one for a Avatar Picture You are extremly talented :D
  18. Epy Did you kill the server:P All it shows me in the Server list is "Communication Error" And when i try connect Im just getting "End of Stream"
  19. Can we give him a medal This is defiantly Brightening up my day when i read this "30" year olds childlike attempts End of, Been banned, Move on, its over.. Its just a game !!
  20. Lol dont worry v00, I know you wernt Singleling me out, And i know my Mob Farm will be Generating Some extra stress Thats why im doing as much as i can to keep people out of it at moment, and Keeping all the Working Areas away from the Farm itself. :D
  21. Id spent Mostly the Entire Day in the end And last night was in the End with about 12 Players online... So im not sure.. Also if i remember Correctly i was at the Enterance, Not down by the Enderman farm Which is about 200_ish Blocks from the Enterance (for the reason of Not having it loaded and letting me still work on the Communal Area) I also went offline before the server crashed, I came back later too find it off I know this sounds like me Defending my self and spawner but just simply stating facts, It might need to be looked into, and in that case then i dont mind Having the Spaw
  22. Any Info on why the sever is down this time ?? It has been down for some time, and there is Normally Posts saying it has gone Down / Crashed when it crashes.
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