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  1. IGN: skateereer Reason for wanting to join: Hexxit can get lonely and would be much better with others Do you fully understand and agree to the rules?: Yes, very much so. Tell me a little bit about yourself: Been playing Minecraft for a while now, and I've been playing Hexxit pretty much since it was released so I have good knowledge about the mods in the mod pack, that's pretty much it
  2. I am in the process of getting a new computer so you'll guys will just have to sit tight for a bit (shouldn't be too long) But all the applications have been approved and they look great. :)
  3. This is Yo Dad's Gaming server! IP: This is a server for newbies and veterans alike, everyone is welcome! Rules: No Griefing No Cursing No Racism, Hate, Etc. No Stealing No Mods that dramatically alter gameplay like flying and X-Ray Use common sense Uptime will be random days during the week almost never before 3:30 P.M (Pacific Standard) Almost never on Tuesdays, and if it's up on Tuesday it will be late at night. Whitelist Application IGN (In Game Name): Age: 2 Reasons you would like to play on this server - - Experience with the mods in the pack: Will you make a Youtube series, if so what's the account name: Would you like to become an op?: