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  1. Try to op him, I've had to do that before.
  2. The items go into a rolling machine i believe, not a crafting bench.
  3. Yes, We are literally inside the same room. I'll try the ping thing in a sec, Johnathen, we used to be able just to use the ip and connect, but now i don't know, i'll also check my firewall. *EDIT* I tried doing the cmd ping, but i really didn't understand the jibberish it was saying, it was saying somthing about <IPV4 Only>
  4. Yes Flerb, Also hellocreeper, i have done that, i've tried that =/
  5. I can do that on my comp, but on my bro's it doesn't work for him, we've literally tried every ip, i even tried to use Whatsmyip.org but to no avail.
  6. -________- You need fuel, such as, redstone, coal, glowstone, mobius fuel, aeternalis fuel... then you double tap the space bar
  7. Hello! Me and my bro are trying to set up our own tekkit server. Except, i can't get him to join. I've tried all the ip's in the "CMD" commands. usually because were on the same network, i don't have to portforward. we always just use the IPV4 adress or just the default gateway. is there anything else i would have to do?
  8. Well in the past week I've had two mod ideas. After watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWBOCFWqiHE I would love to have this as a mod, It would make the game a lot more nerve wrecking and hard. Also I've been thinking about like a new pipe called, the Alchemist Pipe. It would have 2 options, the option to be able to set a EMC value to go through the pipe. So let's say that you had a quarry and you want anything over 4 EMC to go one way or and anything under 4 a different way. or you could just set it as if anything has an EMC value to go through the pipe. I think that would be
  9. Well regardless, just plop a chunkloader down, or a world anchor, That'll do the trick.
  10. Are you talking about being in the certain chunk so they stay loaded?
  11. This has nothing to do with minecraft or techinicpack but i figured, you guys are smart and i hope you guys would have some ideas. Well basically every like 45 seconds my internet disconnects. My computer just got fixed yesterday, and it didn't do this yesterday. but I've been to two different houses and it disconnects then reconnects and its annoying. i dont know what it is or how to fix it any help is appreciated =D
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