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  1. I've had a problem before when people spell it wrong- as in, they say 'Pigsareawesome1'. I think you may have had this mistake (as in you had the E in awesome), and hope that you can fix this.

  2. I'm applying for the whitelist server 'refined tekkit' with a few friends. One of them, Glados, has already applied after me.

    I just wanted to let you know even though you said everyone who posted was whitelisted, I haven't been, and I think I know why.

    My username is Pigsareawsome1.

  3. Sorry to bother, but I'm not whitelisted yet. I think you mispelled my name- as in, you spelled it like it SHOULD be. Remember, my name is exactly: Pigsareawsome1 Not: Pigsareawesome1 Thanks! :D
  4. Name - Pigsareawsome1 IGN - Pigsareawsome1 Age - 12 Minecraft experience - About five months Tekkit experience - About five months (Tekkit made me finally get minecraft) Time playing MC per day - Around half an hour a day during the weekdays, and usually of least 3-7 hours during the weekend. Why do you want to join the server - Me and 4 friends want to find a cool server to play on, and this is the first we've found that bans power flowers but not condensers, and runs 24/7. My friends will sign up soon.
  5. Ummm, have any idea what this error code is? Some of it is cut off, but this is what I have of it: Connection Lost se code: 503 for URL: http://session.minecraft.net/game/joinserver.jsp?user=pigsareawsome1 Have any idea what I can do to fix it? It happens when I try to join the server.
  6. IGN: Pigsareawsome1 Reason Behind wanting to join?: Well, I love tekkit, and just got my friends hooked on it too. I'm looking for a fun server we can play on, and this looks perfect! They will probably sign up here withen the next week, so keep an eye out for them. Will you follow rules as stated above? Most indeedingly!
  7. Age:13 Minecraft name: Pigsareawsome1 What is your play style? (big builds, factories, medieval, high tech, etc): Normally I build large castles and huge towers for EE in tekkit, and sometimes make giant dungeons. If I have enough sand and a lot of white wool and a jetpack, I usually build a giant sky structure of some sort How often do you usually play?: Usually about 6+ a day during the summer and weekends, sometimes a few hours during the week.
  8. Lol, I love this because I started playing because of Duncan playing tekkit. But I for one know how to make a macerator (and more, don't worry), and don't consider myself a big stupid noob- just a noob. Not all noobs are annoying- but I wish people would actually watch informative let's plays before they jumped in, or of least look up things on the wiki before making posts about how they 'need help making a generator'.
  9. Pigs here, owner of CanoCo.

    Could you please re-add me to the whitelist? I can't get on because I'm 'not-whitelisted'.


  10. Could you possibly add me to the new white list?

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