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  1. IGN xxdreamcraftxx Age 15 Reason for joining: i want a fun small oriented server less griefing more interacting Have you read the rules: yes i have read the rules Tekkit experience: i have experience in every field of tekkit besides computers
  2. Name (or nickname): Jay Minecraft username:xxdreamcraftxx Age (at least 10):15 How long you have been playing Minecraft: since beta How long you have been playing Tekkit or Technic: arooundd 2years? How much you play Minecraft per week: eh alot but mostly when i have freetime Why you want to play on this server: i want to play a small oriented server so there is more interaction , less griefing What your favorite things about Minecraft is: interacting with other great minds :3 Do you have skype and a microphone: yes
  3. Name/Nickname:Jay IGN:xxDreamcraftxx Age:16 Time Zone:Pacific time (us/canada) Will you use Ventrilo? (to talk / interact with the community)i will use ventrilo if you teach me how to use it im willing to learn new things and do new things to be apart of the growing community Will you be a dedicated player on our server?yea i will be a dedicated person to this server if you give me the chance to. i have never abandonded a server unless it was a critical reason. (ex: griefing,bad community,bad staff.) Why should we add you/a little bit about yourself: a little about myself i am not the
  4. Age:16 IGN:xxDreamcraftxx Have you ever been banned, if so, explain why and how many times you have been banned:i have been banned once because i my caps lock was broken and i kept on typing in caps and they thought i was doing it on purpose... Why do you think you should join this server (5-6 Sentences):i would like to join this server because for a long time now i have been looking for the perfect server. i think i would be a nice benefit to this server. why i would be a benefit? i am highly experienced with every part of tekkit besides railcraft. Also i am a very nice and friendly person
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