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  1. Uhmmm.. You approved my whitelist but never whitelisted me on the server.. Ign is bmiller14. I posted on here since the whitelist forum isnt working on your page.
  2. Name:Brian Minecraft Username:bmiller14 Age:18 Your long term minecraft project: Massive factory with powerplant Why you want to play on this server: I like small community's with somewhat mature people.
  3. IGN:bmiller14 Age:18 Experience:3 years experience on minecraft and about 1 year with tekkit Kind of thing you are wanting to build:Some type of factory. Daily amount of time you expect to spend on server:3-4 hours How long will you expect to play on the server (days,weeks,months?):Forever <3 Extra Information: I used to be co admin of a 32 slot server, Very mature, willing to help, and I think I would be a great addition to your server. Thanks for your time.
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